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The Long Drop : Topp Twins Feature Film

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The Topp Twins and their cast of characters have been making Kiwis laugh for decades - and gathered a significant audience overseas. A Documentary Feature about their lives, The Topp Twins Untouchable Girls, broke NZ box office records and won awards around the world. Now they are ready to make the Comedy of their lives - and stand up again for what they believe in - the protection of NZ's water. This film is destined to become a Kiwi Classic.

It's the year 2022 and Kenny Boy Moller (Lynda Topp)  - high country sheep farmer and volunteer fire fighter - spends the morning making the heartbreaking decision to sell his family farm, the afternoon failing to put out a raging fire at his best mate Ken Smythe's (Jools Topp) house and the evening building a long drop toilet. It's a shit of a day. Kenny Boy's beloved community of Mollerville, a small rural village in the South Islands high country, has run out of water.

It's not all roses for Nigel Nutley, the town mayor, either. He's spent all the council funds building a traditional Russian Spa and Beauty Parlour for his recently wed mail order bride Natalia. With no money to supply the locals with fresh water they are reduced to drinking recycled dairy industry water and to showering in portable showers in the town square.  The pub's run dry. The bowling green is brown and Mollerville's famous flowerbeds are dead.   The community, well those who haven't fallen ill with the nasty tummy bug going round, is up in arms.

Ken Smythe is Mollerville's local journo with international ambitions and a flair for global cuisine. With his house burnt to the ground he moves onto Kenny Boy's farm to help get it ready for market on the promise he'll never cook flambéed Bomb Alaska again. The two bachelor boys, OCD Ken and hoarder Kenny Boy are an incompatible match but Ken's not here for long.  Armed with all the latest film equipment he's preparing to hit the world as a one-man film unit, specializing in natural disasters.   And as the water crisis in Mollerville accelerates Ken enthusiastically leads the media frenzy.

The discovery of a giant aquifer, brimming with pure liquid gold, should solve all of Mollerville's problems. Instead, as Kenny Boy and Ken attempt to unite their community, far greater forces come into play. With Los Angeles sinking into the Pacific, China in flood and Australia on fire Mollerville becomes a war zone.    It's a war over water.

Kenny Boy has never aspired to leave his beloved South Island but the world comes to him. And as environmental protestors from around New Zealand and the globe gather on Kenny Boy's farm, he becomes part of a multi-cultural and life changing adventure.  Whether they win the fight or not Kenny Boy knows two things for sure. His family land has found a new family and he's going to start farming grasshoppers.


The Long Drop will be written and directed by Felicity Morgan-Rhind, who has made award-winning commercials and short-films, and directed the Topp Twins in three series of TOPP COUNTRY. Lynda and Jools Topp will bring their comedic genius and story-telling skills to the table too. It will be a collaborative effort to create this story for the large screen. 

Producer is Arani Cuthbert, the Topp Twins long-time manager and producer. Some of NZ's best film crew will work on the film, including Editor Chris Plummer (In My Father's Den, Boy) and well-known Kiwi actors will also feature. (Watch this space for more).


The Topp Twins, and their altar-egos, represent quintessential Kiwi qualities, such as honesty and standing up for what's right. They make us look and laugh at ourselves, as only great comedians can. The film celebrates our unique NZ character, our connection to the land and what it means to be part of a family, and a community.

The Long Drop is a parable of our times. Water is becoming a very contentious subject, and big dairying has been found to be a major driver of drought in places like Canterbury and Hawkes Bay. Mollerville, a fictional rural town, is a microcosm of NZ society. While big contemporary issues, such as water quality and control, gender fluidity and acceptance, are tackled within our story, we will steer away from cliches and sterotypes that are often thrown up whenever alternative realities come together. Although the film deals with a serious subject it will nevertheless be a hilarious and entertaining romp through the New Zealand countryside.

One unique quality of "Kiwi-ness" that has often been identified is an acceptance of difference : as a nation we have a progressive record in terms of gender politics. The Topps have mined this seam of tolerance throughout their careers and are the ideal ambassadors of diversity. While they have created cross-gender comedy characters that challenge usual stereotypes, their target audience is most definitely middle New Zealand.


We invite your participation in bringing this special film to life. We are now running a 60-day donation-based crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000 to go towards writing and workshopping the script.

Ideally though we would LOVE to raise $50,000 then we could really fast-track the film.  This will ensure that we commence principal photography in the South island next March. Your generous donation will go towards development expenses for the film, such as script writer fees, location recces and travel / accommodation costs for our Team to get this baby off the ground.

Please help us reach our target by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign. 

Boosted is an all-or-nothing platform, meaning that if we don't reach our target in 60 days, we won't receive a single dollar.

To help us even further - please share this page with your networks. People can only give their support if they know about our film. Please help us spread the word!


In recognition of your valuable contribution, you will receive our eternal gratitude and be kept informed of our progress throughout the making of the film and its release. All donors will be offered a credit of thanks on the film's official website. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign. We are grateful for your support in helping us make THE LONG DROP a reality! Kia ora!



  • It's a long and lonely road writing a film script


    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the radio silence - it's been a very busy year so far - shows in Australia and London, and many of you will have heard the exciting news on Queens Birthday Weekend that Lynda and Jools are now Dames, and the Kens and are Sirs!  The Establishment has certainly changed.

    An update from us is well overdue, so thanks for your patience. The money raised from Boosted was spent writing a first draft which we submitted to the NZ Film Commission at the end of last year. Unfortunately they turned us down - which is not unusual but rather frustrating, especially as we have no less than 3 Film Distributors who want it.

    We are in the middle of writing a new draft and plan to re-apply mid July. If only this was all we were doing, but we are also juggling other productions and keeping the company afloat.

    Please be rest assured the film is definitely going ahead.

    Thanks again for your belief in us and this story,

    Arani, Felicity, Lynda and Jools

  • We reached our Goal !


    Dear all,

    We are thrilled that we made our target of $25,000...in fact the total raised is $25,130 !!

    Thank you all so very much ...we couldn't do this without you. It has been so heartening to receive your encouraging messages and generous donations - makes us feel that there's a film here people want to see.

    The funds raised will allow us to focus 100% over the next few months on creating a strong first draft. Mid-June we plan to spend a week at Lynda's place in Staveley, Topp Lodge, in the heart of NZ's Dairy Country. We will workshop the story and characters, revising and finalising the Outline Felicity has already worked hard on - so by August we hope to have a script ready to send out into the world. 

    We invite you to like our Facebook page so we can keep you informed on the Film's progress.

    Warmest wishes

    Arani, Felicity, Lynda and Jools

  • The Long Drop Update


    Hi wonderful supporters,

    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and positive messages - in one week we have gone from 33% to 75% so we only have $6,000 to go to reach our target in 3 days time.

    If you know anyone who may be inclined to support this Film being made please send them the link


    Felicity and the Twins are already making progress shaping the story - it promises to be a goody. 

    We are crowd-funding because time is of the essence and we can only apply to the NZ Film Commission once we have a first draft. We plan to have this finished by late July then we can raise finance. Already distributors are interested which is a very encouraging sign.  

    Thanks again. We promise to make you proud !

    Arani & the Team



  • The Topp Twins Comedy - The Long Drop


    Dear all,

    Thanks so much to everyone for your kind and generous donations. We have reached 33% of our target and have 15 days left. So if you could please share this link to your networks we would really appreciate it. https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/the-long-drop

    Yesterday was the Topp Twins birthday - and we are planning to be in production this time next year in time for their 60th !  

    Just about every day there is some disturbing news about the state of NZ water. THE LONG DROP will not only make people laugh but also help spur action to protect our waterways from further decline. The Topp Twins have always taken a stand - and this will be their biggest one yet.

    Please help spread the word and ask your friends to be part of helping create a Kiwi Classic.

    Best wishes

    Arani Cuthbert (Producer), Felicity Morgan-Rhind (Director)