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The Lazarus Lottery - Get A Ticket

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I've been really blown away by the responses to all my productions and want YOU to come on board the journey with our next piece - The Lazarus Lottery by James van Dyk, at BATS Theatre.

In association with Playmarket, this 2018 Adam NZ Play Award finalist looks at the near future of human cloning and what that means for the whanau, for our friends and for the soul.

Eve has terminal cancer, but she has won the Lazarus Lottery. After her death she will be 'replaced' by a fully-grown clone, complete with memories. But some friends and family think this is wrong. Are Eve and devoted husband David ready for the ramifications, not only with their whanau but with each other? Just because we can achieve this kind of 'medical miracle', should we play god? Does the new Eve have a soul?

We've been putting our backs into it and rehearsing up a storm. And sadly, if you aren't in Welly when it's on, you're not going to get to see it. [sad face emoji].

But that doesn't mean that you can't be a part of making ou co-op venture a success.

By buying the equivalent of one ticket ($20 - two wines, or two beers, or 3-4 coffees depending on where you live) I just need 100 mates to donate and we are there.


But we really believe we can do it.

I'm really proud to be directing this World Premiere and to have directed critically successful and popular productions of:

Peninsula - Best Director (nomination) / Production of the Year - "Davies' inspired, beautifully designed, precisely paced production does justice to the play's scope and vision."

The Pitmen Painters - Best Director / Production of the Year - "Davies gets the best from a fine cast who work beautifully as an ensemble."

Two Fish n'A Scoop - Best Director (nomination) - "a virtuoso display", "expert direction"

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Best Director (nomination) / Best Ensemble - "an outstanding director with a vast amount of experience", "a masterclass in truly excellent physical comedy"

The Tutor - Best Director (nomination) - "full of those 'little touches' that prove to us no decision was made rashly during the creation of this piece"

I'm asking all my mates, friends, both lovers, and supporters to help me reach those heights.