Ben Anderson

The Last Man on Earth is Trapped in a Supermarket

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After an impressive first goal reached, we want to go further with this campaign so we can do more! Foam! Felt! Fleece! Fastenings! Every little bit adds up to bring our bouffon-esque fruit and veggie puppets to life!

With our initial $500.00 goal Ben was able to purchase materials to make our puppets, which he is doing now! But we would love your support with our other show costs.

Our next funding goal is $1,000.00. With the extra $500.00 we will be able to take a trip into a supermarket and buy the rest of our set pieces, which is food items that we can donate to City Mission following our season. This money will also help us pay our Fringe registration fee and our rehearsal room charges. Any money helps, and we're already so stoked with the generosity we have received so far. 

This show tackles big ideas of loneliness and isolation and delves into the very things that make us human - it is an important story that we are very passionate about - If you can pitch in to help us tell it, then do!

  About the show:
Tom is your regular loser - even when the apocalypse comes around, he's not invited. Join in the delirium as Tom attempts his escape from Countdown. Best he move quickly - the veggies want him dead.
Following success with PUZZLE (2015) and Just Above The Clouds (2014), Ben Anderson and The People who Play with Theatre have resurrected their supermarket apocalypse puppet-thriller for Auckland audiences - bookings at
About the people:

"The People Who Play With Theatre are one of the few young companies in Auckland consistently producing excellent devised theatrical works" (Theatre Scenes).
Devisers and creators Chye-Ling Huang (The Call of The Sparrows), Cole Jenkins (Titus at The Pop Up Globe) and Ryan Dulieu (The Tempest at The Pop Up Globe) reassemble to bring to life disastrous characters through puppetry and explorations of visual theatre.


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