Ben Anderson

The Last Man on Earth goes to the Melbourne Festival of Puppetry

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Our people, our puppets and our polystyrene eggs all ready to go but we need support to get them across the ditch!

The Melbourne Festival of Puppetry is in its second year and The People who Play with Theatre have been selected to present The Last Man on Earth is Trapped in a Supermarket. Most costs have been covered by the Festival, but there are still some vital things we need to find to get us there - like airfares!

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the work of one of New Zealand's most exciting companies working in Puppetry and Visual Theatre. With your support we will be able to show Australia what we've got to offer.

With the help of people like you, and the generous support of the Wallace Foundation, the show was recently redeveloped for what proved to be a very successful season in Q Loft, during the recent Auckland Fringe. We've got the show looking and feeling pretty much how we want it and it's now time to share it far and wide - first stop: Melbourne... next stop: the world! Or probably Adelaide actually.

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