Natalie Crane

The Jenny Taylor Show

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We are looking for help financing Auckland's most scandalous talk show THE JENNY TAYLOR SHOW. Any help would be great to go towards the cost of hiring microphones, sound equipment, costumes and purchase of props.

Our show runs Thu 22 Feb - Sat 24 Feb at Backbeat Bar, K'Rd. Presented as part of Auckland Fringe Festival. For the full programme visit

Absurd melodrama and musical comedy combine to create a show that parodies and pays tribute to the legendary talk shows of the nineties.



Jess Haugh (a.k.a Scarlett Lashes)
Natalie Crane (a.k.a Natattack)
Tegan McKnight (a.k.a Peachy Keen)
Derrick Oliver
Robbie Ellis as Stage Manager
& Jennifer Corbett as Jenny Taylor



"How to put into words the insanity that is Scarlett Lashes, and I write that with a grin on my face knowing that never in my 9 years of music have I witnessed ANYTHING like Scarlett Lashes " I have been performing as Scarlett Lashes for the last eight years, developing my skills as a dancer, singer and musical comedy performer. I have performed in a number of venues across Auckland, Wellington, Whanganui and also have been on two tours around the small towns of the South Island. I compose and produce all of my music. I also have directed three music videos.


After many years of being a goody-good choir girl, Tegan is making the leap to the polar opposite side of performing with Auckland's most scandalous talk show, The Jenny Taylor Show. Gearing up for her Auckland Fringe debut, Tegan performed in Auckland Music Theatre's cabaret Expect the unexpected, and sung backing vocals for Amici Production's Sister Act in 2017.


Natalie is from Wellington where she starred as Rumpelstiltskin at age 5 in her parents' lounge. She went on to complete a BA majoring in Theatre from Victoria University. She moonlights as rapper Natattack in the underground live music scene performing alongside the notorious Scarlett Lashes. Acting career highlights include starring as 'Bess' in Jean Betts' play The Collective, 'Rachel' in Defensability and playing a hobbit called Fritillaria (extended DVD edition only!) If you watch the Boogie Wonderland scene from the film 'What We Do in the Shadows', you'll spot her there too


Her first taste of performance occurred around the age of 4, and since that moment spent most of her youth battling creative urges including dancing, acting and playing the violin badly. By 19, Jen had cleaned up her act, dropping out of drama school to get a real arts degree and proper job in marketing... only falling victim to old vices in 2017, when cast as the lead of a new short film set in Huntly. Now she's all set to take to task both audience and guests alike as the eccentric host of Auckland's most scandalous talk show.


While most kids were pulling sickies to stay home and play video games, Robbie was doing it for those sweet 11-3 talk shows! Partially raised by Sally-Jesse, Oprah and Dr Phil, Robbie is Victoria Theater programme alumni and is performing with Chicken Thighs Productions for the first time.


Derrick Olivier has a wildly diverse background having lived all over the world. His experience in theatre extends to training in Comedia del Arté university in Portland, Oregon and previous Fringe Festival performances. When not on the stage or in front of the camera, Derrick works at an events company.