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The Inaugural Poetry Stone

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Culture Heritage Arts Resource Trust (CHART) is in the process of developing a "Sculptural Poetry Walk" in Whangarei's Town Basin Sculpture Park. A short poem will be selected from submissions and will be engraved on a monumental volcanic rock to be the first work in the Poetry Walk.

Visit the CHART website for more information.

We are seeking funding for approximately $1,000 for writer and designer fees. We have engraving costs already funded, all administration costs and in-kind support covered by CHART, some other costs are sought through sponsorship.

The inaugural poem will be engraved on an existing stone which was erected by the Whangarei District Council as part of the Town Basin Renewal Project in 2011. It is one of three stones positioned in the cobbled pathway/entrance area to the Town Basin Sculpture Park off Reyburn Lane, alongside the Hatea River.

The stone is monumental in size and is locally sourced volcanic rock. The selected poem will then be engraved by a local stonemason onto the selected stone. The commissioned poet will then also work alongside a local designer to plan the typography of the poem to bring this to the best visual advantage.

Poets were encouraged to write a piece based on the following: It was important that the poem conveyed a message or represented a theme that related to important local influences. This could be physical, natural or historical influences that inspire.