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The Impeccable Larry Woods

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Meet the multimillionaire who became a shoeshine man spreading cheer throughout the streets of Auckland. What provoked this transformation? The Impeccable Larry Woods  reveals that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Never in a million years did Larry Woods believe he'd become a shoeshine man. In the 1980s, the flamboyant businessman was corporate royalty in Auckland. His extravagant, self-indulgent exploits even made tabloid fodder.

In 2016, the street corners Larry occupies are not only venues to peddle shoeshines and patter, but where interactions with passers-by become a celebration of humanity.

This is the story of one man's realisation for change and the pivotal moment that led him there.

In making this film, we hope to shine light on Larry's personal journey and also challenge our audience to consider their own attitudes and behaviour - what is the creed that you live by?

The Impeccable Larry Woods is an entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring tale of the human condition that proves kindness is contagious and that all of us have the capacity to change.

We are very excited to be selected for Loading Docs 2016 and to have such an acclaimed platform to tell Larry's story and showcase our filmmaking abilities.

If we can reach our target of $2,000, Loading Docs will kindly match this total dollar for dollar.

Help us raise more than our target and we could have the opportunity to produce something truly epic - to shoot a very ambitious sequence in a special location with a very expensive prop. So please continue to donate!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our project profile and pitch video. Every little bit counts and we greatly appreciate your support!


  • ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO...


    ...we are very pleased and extremely thankful to reach $8,000 (400%)... and with only 3 days to go we're looking to raise just a little bit more.

    It would be fantastic if we could raise more funds for marketing costs so we can build an exciting campaign to draw the public to Larry's story.

    If we could hit $10,000 (500%) we would have budget left over for a street poster campaign and targeted online promotion to build an audience for our finished 3-minute documentary.


    To make a donation all you need to do is click the big red "DONATE" button and register with Boosted so they can send you a receipt. Boosted is a very reputable organisation backed by Westpac and the New Zealand Arts Foundation.

    Any support you can give is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Eldon & Alex



    Thank you for landing here!

    Although we have surpassed our base target of $2,000, we keep striving to raise more funds with our sights set on $8,000 (400%).

    As our fundraising efforts continue, we are also entering into pre-production and planning stages. With your continued support, realising our vision for the project is becoming within reach!

    So please keep donating and sharing on social media to spread the word - we really appreciate the help and intend to do our supporters proud by producing a fantastic film!

    FYI: We have had a few people ask how the Boosted website works – the main thing to know is that in order to make a donation, you need to ‘join’ Boosted (which is like ‘registering’).

    The reason for this is purely so they can legally send you a receipt. Boosted is a very reputable organisation (backed by Westpac and the New Zealand Arts Foundation) and they are very strict with security and will not share your data or send you unwanted emails - so please be assured that it is a safe and secure platform.

    Thanks for taking an interest in "The Impeccable Larry Woods" - any support you can give is greatly appreciated!

    Eldon & Alex

  • Our target...



    Although we set our target at $2,000 (the amount that Loading Docs will match dollar for dollar), we are aiming to reach $8,000 (400%) so we can do Larry’s story true justice.

    Please do keep giving.

    Your donations will be put to excellent use – for studio music costs/licensing and a very ambitious sequence that requires a permit for a large public location with a precious one-of-a-kind prop… and the hiring of extra crew including safety officers and insurances.

    We are very appreciative of every contribution large or small - and please do share our project with others so we can spread the word about Larry's incredible story.

    Thank you,

    Eldon Booth & Alex Lovell

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