Shane Bosher

The Height of the Eiffel Tower

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Edinburgh has a history of launching celebrated Kiwi talent onto the world stage. Madeleine Sami in No. 2, Tim Balme in JIMMY COSTELLO, Jacob Rajan in KRISHNAN'S DAIRY: they've all stood out from the crowd. This August, with your backing, you'll be able to add the inimitable Morgana O'Reilly to that list.

THE HEIGHT OF THE EIFFEL TOWER is an intimate epic created by actor Morgana O'Reilly and director Abigail Greenwood. First performed at The Basement in 2009, this little show that could went on to celebrate success the following year at the New York Fringe Festival.

To fundraise for the New York season, Morgana and Abigail reframed the show as a popup event which could be performed in domestic spaces. This now infamous "living room" tour has seen Morgana and Abigail travel the globe, racking up quite a few pins on the map: Auckland, Wellington, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Nevada, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne and even the Burning Man Festival. This year, it's also featuring in Silo Theatre's 2014 programme.

In a feat of shapeshifting solo performance, Morgana plays all of the members of a nuclear family, who, over the course of one side-splitting, torturous lunch, completely detonate. But it's not all just laughs and giggles. At its heart is a woman, who perhaps, just perhaps, is ready to become the person she always intended to be. It's heartfelt. It's hilarious. And it's uniquely Kiwi.

With the support of Creative NZ, Eiffel Tower will charm the pants off audiences at the world-renowned Assembly Hall. But by gosh, by golly, by crikey, the cost of jet fuel is pricey, isn't it? Give us a boost and help Morgana, Abigail and Shane fly on jetplanes, train on trains and avoid bed bugs in dirty student hostels.

Be a part of the Edinburgh whirlwind. Help us show the rest of the world how it's done.

Creator/Performer: MORGANA O'REILLY

"Goofy, funny and poignant. It's perfect."

"Up there with Flight of the Conchords. Simply brilliant."


  • We did it!


    We are totally jumping for joy right now. We got across the finish line! 103% - wahooza! 

    Thank you so much to all 211 of you. Your generosity of spirit and financial support have enabled us to live the dream. You are glorious, each and every one of you. 

    Thanks for for backing original Kiwi theatre in Edinburgh. We will do you proud - we promise!

    We did it!
  • 48 hours and counting. 93% there. 7% to go!!!


    What a nail-gnashing experience! We've got 48 hours to go and we are SO VERY CLOSE!

    Shane is definitely getting on a plane now - we've just got to find the last few dollars to avoid bedbugs and student hostels. 

    We are almost there thanks to the 183 extraordinary human beings who have stepped forward to back us - our wonderful donors. 

    The clock is ticking and every bit helps. 

  • Getting closer and closer


    We're feeling pretty stoked right now. We've just hit 62% of our target, Abigail is definitely getting on a plane and we're definitely within cooee of getting Shane out of stowaway status and into a seat. 

    Edinburgh Festival Fringe launched the 2014 programme yesterday. Publications like The Guardian have been singling out our show as a festival must-see alongside the work of some of our other New Zealand cohorts.

    With 13 days to go, we're still on the campaign trail. But we know we're gonna get there. 

    Thanks for backing original Kiwi theatre. We think you're all brilliant.

    Getting closer and closer
  • We just hit 29%


    You are all beyond amazing. Thanks to your INCREDIBLY generous support, Morgana will definitely be heading through the departure gate on July 29th to hit the town of Edinburgh. 

    We've still got a way to go [Shane and Abigail are still planning to stowaway in the hull], so keep on spreading that word! 

    The Scotsman also showed us some love over the weekend, picking THE HEIGHT OF THE EIFFEL TOWER out as one of the must-sees. Check it out:

    THANKING YOU. Very much. 

    We just hit 29%