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The Girls

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Toi Ngākau Productions and LightShade Creative present "The Girls", a short film written by Courtney Rose Brown, directed by Tabitha Arthur and produced by Bethany Grace Miller.

The Girls provides a snapshot of the complexity of relationships within a matriarchy. The exploration of intergenerational conflict, expectations, and stereotypes paints a richly-layered black Kiwi comedy.

Last year was the 125th year celebrating women's suffrage; we are empowering women in an industry that is known for its alarmingly low statistics for women in any role beyond moviegoer. To challenge these stats we need the funds to help us achieve this. We have a full female team of 28 creatives who are collaborating to make this sensational new short film.

We believe this hasn't been done in NZ outside of 48hFest since the mid-80s!

Not only are we putting an all-women cast on the screen (in all their complex glory!), all of our cast, crew and creatives are wāhine! And we sure are getting the work done -with grace and style!


Trigger warning...our women and girls need us because of our domestic violence! We have a vigil in Auckland on Wednesday for another woman murdered by domestic violence. No, The Girls isn't about domestic violence, but it is shattering gender stereotyping in the hope to stitch the outline of a better-balanced society.

We have an incredible female P.M, but she can't do this alone. We are the way of the future...the wellbeing of our society is in our hands. The art we create and the environments we create it in is IMPORTANT! Not just for the women working on it, but for the women and men watching it. It is how we educate. Humans learn by imitation. We are absolutely affected by the media we consume, so let's make deliciously powerful narratives for our fellow women to carry on into their lives!

The script has been workshopped with Kathy McRae through EAT (Emerging Artists Trust). It has also received a small amount of funding support from EAT, but in order to breathe life into this script we do need support. We're aiming to submit the film for NZ International Film Festival and Show Me Shorts 2019, followed by international festivals as the film is showcasing a perspective that needs to be given light.

Screen-writer Courtney Rose Brown says that the idea for The Girls came from the film trope of a woman becoming pregnant being the worst thing that could ever happen to her. This short film plays with stereotypes in a classic 'kiwi dark comedy' way where everything isn't quite what it seems. 


Making a film is expensive! We are an all-female creative team and we want to produce high-quality work within the film industry. The money raised from this campaign will mainly go towards hiring equipment for filming which is crucial to shooting a high-quality film. We'll need funds to support the shooting costs: hiring a camera kit, lighting, props and set dressing, wardrobe, sound recording, travel, and catering. As well as funds for post-production for graphics, eid equipment, colour grade, and sound.

Starring: Marshayla Christie, Raquel Roderick, Shania Bailey-Edmonds and Lydia Peckham.

"Let's Do This"


  • UPDATE - we're at 39%!

    2 DAYS AGO

    Kia ora koutou!

    WE'RE AT 38%!

    Thank you so much for the unbelievable generosity of those who have donated and shared our campaign. We are feeling so incredibly grateful and blessed! We are excited to let you know that last Tuesday we wrapped our shoot for "The Girls" in the sunny hills of Tawa. And we are looking forward to heading into post-production.

    We have had a wonderful team of wāhine weave their talents into the creation of the film so far, which has been a truly beautiful experience to be a part of and witness. We have less than three weeks left of our campaign so please spread the word!

    Ngā mihi maioha,
    Toi Ngākau Productions and LightShade Creative

    (Photography by Celeste Fontein)

    UPDATE - we're at 39%!