Oliver Rosser

The Generation Of Z: Edinburgh

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The Generation of Z is set to unleash it's immersive virus at the world's largest arts festival and to achieve this theatrical pandemic... We need your help!

Following the successes of Apocalypse Z - Auckland 2013 - and Zombie: Red Zone - Christchurch 2014 - we have partnered with The Assembly to present our show at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Generation of Z is immersive, site-specific theatre at its most intense. Taking its cue from films such as 28 Days Later and video games like The Last of Us, our production is a fully immersive experience, designed to blur the lines between audience and performer like never before. Set within a fallen military facility, our audience undergo a multi-sensory bombardment of parallel storylines, live gunfire, explosions and CCTV footage, all as a horde of the undead close in.

Taking this idea to Edinburgh has been a dream of ours since it's conception. Now that opportunity is here. And we want to blow Edinburgh's mind!


This show is quite literally a monster. It requires a monumental amount of technical equipment, production design and a team that's prepared to go to the wall and beyond.

Your support and donations are critical to its success. We've been fortunate enough to receive financial support from Creative New Zealand towards travel costs. But unlike most touring companies we can't just arrive in Edinburgh with a finished product: we'll need to build our set entirely in a site specific location, rehearse into the space, incorporate local performers and prerecord footage.

This is a real opportunity to hit Edinburgh with a world class innovative production from New Zealand that will make a terrifying impression. Help make it happen!


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    We forever continue to be utterly thrilled by how much generosity keeps flying our way. We never foresaw this sort of momentum, and this target - this dream - is becoming more and more realistic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

    It's all go here at the GenZ headquarters - one of our team today met with Assembly (our venue in Edinburgh) to talk through the logistics of our space. AND WHAT A SPACE! Very excited to be working with the Assembly team, and can't wait to see what we create there.

    Team GenZ

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    We are blown away, overwhelmed and humbled by the incredible support that's flown our way over the past 48 hours - you guys are AMAZING!

    Furthermore, The Generation of Z is attracting some pretty major attention further abroad... After having been recommended by THE GUARDIAN as a "hot ticket" for this year's fringe, we were then listed by THE TIMES as one of the festival's top 40 BEST SHOWS! 

    This is going to go off!

    Much love

    - Team GenZ