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Sculptural works for Sydney international public sculpture event, Australia.

My work has been accepted for an iconic Sydney sculpture exhibition in its 17th year held during October - November, 2013.

The exhibition is a major, free to the public arts event for Sydney. It is a visual arts experience shared by over 500,000 visitors with approximately 103 Australian and international artists exhibiting. Recognition of New Zealand artists at this event is an opportunity to increase the appreciation of our art at an international level.

The exhibition curators require each artist to create one work for the public space and no less than three sculptures to be submitted for the inside segment.

My Work

My work for the Australian exhibition questions whether we gain a much wider appreciation of nature as a whole, by focusing and spending time examining in detail an individual specimen in nature. This question arose while I contemplated how my busy urban life has distilled my connection with the wider environment to a more concentrated view that is my own domestic garden.

The interior works are a playful response to 'the garden'. Many inner-city dwellers do not have a garden; their foremost connection with nature is more commonly public parks and shared civic surroundings.

I am currently working on six pieces which make up this body of work. To supply multiple works for an international platform comes with new and exciting challenges.

This amazing opportunity increases my, and New Zealand's exposure. It allows me to meet with and experience other artist's ways of thinking, to explore, examine and discuss a range of creative, conceptual and artistic responses to site and landscape, contemporary ideas and form. This is my first international show.

About Me

After completing my Master of Art and Design with Honours First Class from AUT University, I am now practicing art full time from my Auckland studio. I have been exhibiting since 2001, the most recent, a curator's invitation to exhibit at The Sculpture Park, Waikato. I am an active member of the DUST art collective. This collective includes artists that have shown work at key exhibitions within New Zealand referred to on the DUST website. Other DUST members are also exhibiting internationally this year.

Acceptance to an international exhibition of this standing is a wonderful recognition of my practice. I am passionate about this project. However, there are complex logistics involved when exhibiting publics work internationally, ie. shipping, administrative prerequisites, and financing the materials and tools required for making the works.

Fundraising Goals

The Boosted funding will greatly assist in the fabrication, transportation, installation and de-installation of the works.

Significant scholarships and mentorships are available to Australian artists exhibiting at this event. New Zealand artists are not eligible for the same funding, therefore support from the New Zealand art community is vital to the project.  

As well as applying to Boosted, I am also actively seeking sponsorship with a support letter from the exhibition organisers. I am using my personal art database and access to the DUST database to connect people to this project. Art News is assisting in raising the profile of the exhibition in New Zealand for both participating artists and visitors.

It is a unique privilege and honour to represent my country in a high profile international exhibition.

Thank you for supporting me!




    WOW thank you so much for your support
    it has been fantastic!!
    I have accommodation booked for installing
    my work in Sydney on the 20th October. For
    the donations over my target I will be
    able to pay for the crating and packaging
    costs for my sculptures(which I was going
    to have to dig deep for).This last week
    I have been busy sewing the embroideries
    onto the perspex inserts, and still sewing
    the velvet for ‘over by the epiphyll frame (as seen here).
    I have some wonderful new silicon thimbles
    so my fingers are much better, a lovely
    friend brought them over for me.  

    Thank you again so very much, Carolyn xx 



    Avove is another little update take a peek...

  • sunday woops no monday August ALREADY!!


    Hi everyone well today I went to Dargaville to pick up some
    welding work that I was having done for one of my works.
    A familiar feeling struck me on the last few kms of the journey..
    excitement -dread - nervousness, in a rush a whole lot of questions
    crambed into my mind  - will it be as I planned?
    - drew - measured and measured again? Has the engineer put
    his own creative flair into the project and made an
    exec desision and changed something? Will it be as I
    envisioned...and so forth. Well not to worry I loved it!
    Yay.Five minutes later all was fine and I was onto my
    next stage in the planning the doubts just a hesitation
    before hitting the round running. And so here it is another
    fragment in the work 'a green thought', ready for its next stage...

    sunday woops no monday August ALREADY!!
  • Working in 'the garden' its looking great


    A big thank you to everyone who has given so far - I am so thrilled, it has been a heart-warming and humbling experience to be supported for my passion. This project has been an amazing experience so far, my hat certainly goes off to those who have exhibited overseas before; the shear logistics of doing so is notable.
    My fingers are suffering needle punctures from sewing my velvet work – you will see why when you look at the image below…what fun!!

    Working in 'the garden' its looking great
  • 'Study 1'


    Drawing for sculpture in park Syd.

    'Study 1'
  • 'border of no fragrant thought'


    'border of no fragrant thought'
  • 'over by the epiphyll'


    'over by the epiphyll'
  • First update to 'the garden'


    Hi everyone I thought I would load up some drawings today of my indoor sculptures. I am busy making them and will update soon on the progress, enjoy!

    First update to 'the garden'

Carolyn Lawrence

My art is one of discovery; studying and surveying people around me. My indoor works consider, interpret, compare and frame ideas of individuality.

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