Callum Pumfleet

The Fickle Crowd

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The Fickle Crowd is a short documentary observing the upcoming general elections in NZ and the role youth will play in it.

This documentary will be directed by Leroy Martin and produced by Callum Pumfleet, third year students at AUT majoring in screen production. The Fickle Crowd is our final production - one we will need to put a lot of work into in order to get produced. Unfortunately, this means we will need some funding to get our documentary up and running. Any donations we get will go towards funding for locations, feeding the crew, event fees, travel, and other potential expenses.

Our project is important to us because we are the target audience - it is a story being told for us, by us - we understand the 'fickle crowd' experience more than anybody else because we are living it. We are aware of how many of us are silenced, apathetic and unsure about the political system. We are giving youth a platform to discuss and relate, to get to the bottom of why we have such a low statistic, what we can do and how we can change the current state.

In terms of style, we will be taking a non bias and naturalistic approach - inspired by films that focus on raw human emotions. We will have an original electronic score by a young and upcoming local musician. Overall, we hope to convey a real, affecting take on short documentary, that is both informative and interesting.