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Every generation does it. Every generation pushes for something new and when enough hearts and minds are aligned, they come together to do it. This is our time to push and our time to come together.

On August 11th, The Basement Theatre and Auckland City will be awoken from its winter slumber by The Experiment: a five night urban arts carnival of music, dance, street art, multimedia experiences, performance art, theatre, interactive installations and a changing line-up each night of artists experimenting and orchestrating brilliant creative collisions - both accidental and by design.

The Experiment is an immersive arts event that will take over both theatres at The Basement, and other secret spots usually off limits.

For the artists who are participating in The Experiment, this is an opportunity to exhibit or perform to audiences who may otherwise have never encountered their work, a motivator to experiment with new collaborations, and a platform to develop provocative and innovative new ideas and establish unexpected creative relationships.

So far some of the artists involved include an exclusive exhibition by kiwi punk pioneer and Arts Foundation Laureate, Chris Knox, dancer and choreographer Grace Woollett, sculptor Peter Roche, actor and performance artist Julia Croft, and an international collaboration between visual artist Samuel Melser, CG artist and filmmaker Steven McNicholl, and German vocalist Sayn with many more announcements to come!

The artists of The Experiment are purely motivated by their desire to create and this campaign will become a pool of funds that will be exclusively shared between each of the artists you will see at The Basement. Your donation will ensure that funds are available for the most important part of the event, the creators, and they can develop their work for The Experiment and beyond. Our programme will likely include upwards of 30 contributing artists and we need to raise as much money as we can to ensure everyone gets a fair reward for their work.

With your donations we can give our artists funding towards the production costs of audio-visual installations, gear for musical performances, paint supplies for that final masterpiece, whatever our artists need and importantly, as a recognition of the time and talent they have put into contributing to The Experiment.

Thank you for supporting the artist community of The Experiment and their work in making this into an amazing arts festival experience!

 Check out The Experiment lineup as we update at:

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