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The Engagement Party - Location Shoot

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You are cordially invited to celebrate with The Actors' Program, Candlelit Pictures, and Wallace Media Ltd, as they jubilantly announce their engagement to create an original comedy-drama called The Engagement Party.

In September, filming will begin on the project and we hope you can help us with donation support to make our film even better.

Filmmaking and weddings have one definite thing in common - they aren't cheap!

The Engagement Party already has 75% of its budget in place. We need your help to get us to the party on time.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in and support a project that combines the very best of Auckland's emerging acting talent with New Zealand film creators at the top of their game. The results will be nothing short of excellent.

The Actors' Program concentrates on providing actors with the tools they need to be effective practitioners in the challenging and exciting world of stage and screen. This location shoot project enables the actors to discover the ins and outs of producing a screen project out on location.

We hope you will RSVP to join an Engagement Party you will never forget!



The Actors' Program join with Candlelit Pictures (producer Anna Duckworth) and Wallace Media Ltd to produce this brand new piece written by Sam Shore (Go Girls, Filthy Rich) and directed by Katherine McRae (Shortland St).



  • Online Now! The Engagement Party


    The Actors' Program and Candlelit Pictures in association with Wallace Media Ltd are proud to present The Engagement Party!

    The film is online today!   Watch it here now!

    The Engagement Party

    Thanks again for all who were involved, came to the fundraising launch, Boosted us, shared the links and promoted the project among their own networks, on social media and with their friends and family.


    Online Now!  The Engagement Party
  • Lights! Camera! Action!



    Thank you so much to everyone who has tipped their hats in our direction - thank you to the donors, the social media pushers, the word-spreaders and everyone who has offered support in kind or in product.

    8 hours left and we're at 100% - FANTASTIC!

    Full stream ahead on pre-production, class are in rehearsals with Kathy every afternoon this week on the scenes and script and storyboard tweaks being locked in so we don't miss a single shot. Final costume wrangle and fittings on Wednesday, locations "recc'ied" and gear lists getting locked off.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we'll be chit-chatting away during and after the shoot and would love to keep you up to date.!/ActorsProgram

    Thanks again!


    Lights! Camera! Action!
  • Thanks Yo!


    Frank here plays Dave in The Engagement Party (working title).

    He says Yo! Thanks everything!

    Actually this was just a character for a class exercise - Frank is really one of the politest people we know and he's just chuffed at all the support that's coming in for his class film.

    We've got 3 days to go and just a little bit further. 

    Please help spread the word / remind people we're almost there.

    Thanks Yo!


    Thanks Yo!
  • Meet our Creatives!


    Anna Duckworth (producer) and the team at Candlelit Picture have been our location shoot producers for the last 3 years. They love developing new NZ works and are excited about this new comedy drama. They are also awesome at making music videos!

    Anna is joined this year by director Katherine McRae (Shortland St) and writer Sam Shore (Go Girls, Filthy Rich).

    Thanks Team!

    Meet our Creatives!
  • Lights! Camera! Action! - 2 weeks from today!


    Two weeks from today and we'll be on location!

    Thanks to everyone who has given us a Boost so far. You are all amazing and we really appreciate the support.

    Please continue to share our campaign with your networks. Thank you!


    And here is the rest of the cast:

    (L-R) Holly Hudson, Albertine Jonas, Dion Greenstreet

    Lights! Camera! Action!  - 2 weeks from today!
  • Can we see what goes on - on location ?


    You sure can!

    When we begin shooting you'll be able to keep up with the daily on location action via our facebook page -

    And let us introduce you to a few more of the cast:

    (L-R) Anna Baird, James Russell, Chelsea Sloan

    Happy Boosting this weekend!

    Can we see what goes on - on location ?
  • Hey Boys!


    Introducing some of the fellas from the cast of "The Engagement Party" !

    From left to right:

    Paul Trimmer, Mel Odedra and Joe Nathan.

    Great shots guys :)

    Hey Boys!
  • Meet the Team!


    Check out our full-time course -

    From the 16 actors on the course and who make up the core cast of the Location Shoot - meet Timmie Cameron, Emily Campbell and Cally Castell!

    Take a look at our picture gallery of the class in action and the tutors and people we work with via our facebook page -




    Meet the Team!
  • Workshop to Script to Screen


    Sam Shore's script is in the final stages.

    Candlelit Productions team are locking into place.

    Camera gear bookings being made. Costume discussions taking place. Locations getting sorted. 

    It's full steam ahead!

    Have you met the cast?  

    First up meet Brie Hill, Ruby Lyon and Frank Borrell!

    Workshop to Script to Screen