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The Cube of Truth

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Thanks to some amazing supporters we've reached our initial target of $2k which means we can make the film, but the next step is reaching our STRETCH GOAL of $4k... so we can get better camera gear, better music and sound design, spend longer on the edit and also pay our highly skilled crew better rates, as they are currently working for next to nothing. (All for a great cause though!!) More funding means more potential for IMPACT.


Every month a group of people put on black clothing, pack their laptops and a mask, and meet on a busy Auckland city street. Christian Huriwai is one of their leaders, a 26-year-old from the far north, well-known as a world champion extreme street unicyclist and a self-confessed adrenaline junkie.

Chris and his partner Sam La Hood are members of the animal rights group Anonymous for the Voiceless. They take us inside "The Cube of Truth" - a group of masked volunteers standing silently in an outwards-facing square, showing the public a graphic montage of modern animal industry practices on their laptops. They aim to trigger curiosity and interest in veganism, but they also deal with angry outbursts and ridicule. Animal activism isn't for the faint hearted.


It's a story about having the courage to take action for what you believe in, choosing action over apathy. This 3-minute documentary is a window into the world of a couple of young animal rights activists, shot in a cinematic action-film style by an award-winning cinematographer.

We follow Chris and Sam as they prepare for and take part in a "Cube of Truth" event on Auckland's Queen St, and explore why two world champion extreme athletes have become vegan activists, and what they've sacrificed or gained. 

THE CUBE OF TRUTH has been selected as one of 10 thought provoking stories for the 2018 Loading Docs collection (Loading Docs won the NZ On Air Best Web Series award at the 2017 TV Awards -

The aim of this film is to help break down the stereotype of the weirdo preachy vegan, inspire more people to action, and add to the massive rise of veganism around the world.


Crowdfunding is a great way to make films without relying entirely on funds from mainstream sources - it can be especially challenging to get films with an animal rights theme funded. Crowdfunding connects directly with the audience and enables you to have more influence on what kind of content gets created.

We've set our crowd funding goal at $2k which will go towards crew, camera gear, music licensing, and post production costs. It's an all or nothing campaign - we need to reach the funding goal to receive any money.

It's a total cliché but every little bit really does help, and along with being a part of making this film happen you'll get your name in the credits, and some good karma will come your way!! (Another bonus is your donation is tax deductible, so you'll receive a receipt to claim back 33%.)

Because our short has been selected to be made as part of the Loading Docs initiative, they want to see the film get made just as much as we do. Along with principal funder NZ On Air and with support from the New Zealand Film Commission and Te Māngai Pāho, Loading Docs will provide an additional $4,450 and cover the sound mix and grade, but only if we reach our funding goal as of part of the development process.


The film will initially be released online through the Loading Docs website where you can watch and share at no cost. It may also be distributed on other online platforms, broadcast television, in-flight programs and the big screen. Documentary films have the power to create positive change, so the more people who get to see this story the better!


We'd love you to be in the film when we shoot a Cube of Truth event in Auckland - we'll let you know the date through a Boosted update and posts in the Auckland AV Facebook group. We hope you can help support our fundraising campaign by donating and sharing the link with friends. Thanks for taking the time to check out this project.



I have a background in marine biology, wildlife filmmaking and science communication, and a passionate interest in animal rights, environmental issues, and life!

I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Natural History Filmmaking with the University of Otago and my documentary about Hectors dolphins (Beyond the Kelp) was broadcast on Maori TV. My feature-length
documentary Soul in the Sea premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2013, and was nominated at the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for Best People & Nature Program.

Recent work includes short documentaries for The Wireless (producer, director, camera operator and editor) Apollo: Rise of the Poly-Vegan Soldier, and Captain Aunofo.



A full time Producer and organiser of all things, Sophia comes from a commercial background with extensive hands on experience producing short form content.

By day she works with clients such as BNZ, Westpac, Microsoft, Deloitte, St John and many more. In evenings and weekends Sophia works on additional projects such as short films, music video's and web series'. She manages all aspects of these projects from scripting, casting, budgeting, scheduling and shooting, through to post production and distribution.

Sophia holds a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications in Screen and Television Production and a Diploma in Digital Video Post Production both from the New Zealand Broadcasting School.




  • 97% funded!!


    Wow! We're so grateful for the huge amount of support this project has gained in such a short amount of time.

    The next step is our STRETCH GOAL of $4k... This means we are aiming for more funding so we can get better camera gear, better music and sound design, spend longer on the edit and also pay our highly skilled crew better rates, as they are currently working for next to nothing. (All for a great cause though!!) More funding means more potential for IMPACT. 

    Thank you so much, please keep spreading the word. We cant wait to share this small but mighty film with you all. 

    Amy and Sophia

    97% funded!!

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