Rebecca Tansley

The Concerto - reprise

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My film The Concerto follows one man's journey with Rachmaninoff's famous Piano Concerto No.2.

Italian-born New Zealander Flavio Villani is shortly to attempt a performance that will vindicate his decision to walk away from a promising career in IT to follow his passion for the piano. This film tells the story of his struggle to be accepted both by his family and as a musician - and the redemption that comes with following your dream and being free to be yourself.

It follows Flavio's physical and mental preparation in Auckland as he grapples daily with Rachmaninoff's difficult work. It explores the single-minded commitment necessary to become a concert pianist, the pressures on such performers and the place of music in all our lives. It reveals the emotional journey Flavio takes through Rachmaninoff's work as he struggles with self-doubt and the doubts of others.

Finally it will capture the big night itself - the spectacular and moving moments of "the Rach 2" performed with the Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria.

Please help me tell a story that celebrates the beauty of music and the bravery of those who choose to bring it to us.


The amazing show of support we received in the initial campaign has encouraged us to proceed with the Italy shoot, which has also been made more affordable by the offer of accommodation for the duration of our stay in Italy and other generous assistance from friends both in New Zealand and Italy.

However, your support remains highly valued and is still very much needed to help with the costs of production - getting us to Italy, hiring equipment and transport on the ground. For that reason, I have set up this new campaign and would be enormously grateful if you would take the time to re-pledge your original contribution after it is returned to you.

All Boosted contributors will be acknowledged in the film credits and in New Zealand are 33% tax deductible.