Christienne Jauregui

The Blue Room

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THE STORY: Years after surviving a mass shooting at a music venue, Elaine Lang must now survive her first-ever TV interview. Under the glare of the studio lights, she finds herself living two realities: the reality of the interview, and her dark memory-scape, inhabited by the ghost of Kit Lovelock, the musician-turned-shooter who she once admired.


The Blue Room seeks to push expectations of psychological drama, especially within the constraints of a student film production. It favours stylistic visual storytelling over realism. Elaine's psyche, wrought by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is visualised as a dream-like realm that interjects the tense reality of being questioned in the TV interview studio. 

Influences include David Lynch, Lynne Ramsay and, unashamedly, American Horror Story.


My name is Christienne Jauregui. I'm an Auckland-based videographer, producer and director. As a creative, I aim to use visual medium to present ideas about mental health, the LGBTQ community and women's livelihood.

In my previous work as a director/writer, I revel in the quiet terrors and absurdities of everyday life, as seen in Craving (2015), a twisted micro comedy about drunken binge-eating, and The Red Man (2016), which shows the alternate reality of a high-functioning neurotic. I have also brought directorial visions to life as a producer and member of the independent film collective Run Shosanna Productions.

This year I'm back at the University of Auckland for my post-graduate Honours in Screen Production and in this way, I can expand my director's reel with more short films. The Blue Room will be my final Honours short film project.


The bulk of the budget comes from my humble personal savings from working in hospitality part-time alongside studying full time. The project will need further financial support to hire the best shoot locations and props; to make sure that the cast and crew involved are taken care of in terms of food, beverages and transport; and to have a contingency fund in case of unforseen production costs.

Any amount of donation will be deeply appreciated. Because BOOSTED provides an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform, it is important that The Blue Room reaches its goal. Updates, teasers and stills from the project will be posted regularly from the campaign launch until its closing date.

Curious to see what Christienne and her fellow members of Run Shosanna Productions have done? Visit and view the available video content in the Portfolio tab.



  • 6 Days Left...and we've reached 100%


    6 Days Left...and we've reached 100%
  • 26% away from reaching our goal!


    26% away from reaching our goal!
  • 74% Funded so far!


    74% Funded so far!
  • Introducing The Blue Room cast: Anna Thomas


    ANNA THOMAS plays Elaine Lang, a young writer and a survivor of a mass shooting during a music event in The Blue Room. She is about to be interviewed for the first time since the tragedy happened 5 years ago.

    Anna is originally from Christchurch and has moved up to Auckland to complete a 3-year acting degree at Unitec. She has collaborated with Christienne back in 2016 as the lead actor for a short film directed by Jakob Twidle called LAST LATE NIGHT RIDE, which has won the Best Short awards in RTI Film Festival and Oasis Film Festival. Anna has also finished working on her first lead role in a feature, so she's a talent to look out for!

    Introducing The Blue Room cast:  Anna Thomas
  • Introducing The Blue Room cast: Arlo Green


    ARLO GREEN plays Kit Lovelock, a troubled musician who succumbs to his personal demons and commits a mass shooting.

    Arlo recently moved from the UK to Auckland. He has since played roles on the stage and screen, including Summer Shakespeare's As You Like It, the Auckland Theatre Company 's production of BOYS and Nahyeon Lee's Hit: A Short Film. He will be performing in the Silo Theatre production of A Streetcar Named Desire which opens on the 24th of August.

    Introducing The Blue Room cast: Arlo Green
  • Introducing The Blue Room cast: Kirsty Hamilton


    KIRSTY HAMILTON plays Nina Lake, a successful TV journalist determined to capture a highly rated, Pulitzer-worthy interview of Elaine on-camera.

    With experience in acting, directing and writing, Kirsty is an esteemed creative based in Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated from Toi Whakaari/New Zealand Drama School in 1992, and has since taken on roles on screen and stage. This included the titular character in the 1997 NZ feature Saving Grace (directed by Costa Botes); and being chosen as the SGCNZ Shakespeare's International Actors Globe Fellow in 2007.

    In the years following, Kirsty earned postgraduate degrees in Screen Production and Screenwriting from the University of Auckland and the International Institute of Letters at Victoria University. She is currently finishing up the inaugural DEGNZ female film incubator and is developing a feature film which she will be directing herself.

    Introducing The Blue Room cast: Kirsty Hamilton