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The Basement Tapes Does Edinburgh

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Kia Ora, Talofa, Bula Vinaka, Halp

If you have seen The Basement Tapes, we apologise for scaring you. Perhaps you were as excited by the "pulpy thrills" as Pantograph Punch's Kate Prior was, or as "utterly engrossed" as Theatreview critic Cassandra Tse, or into the "funny, scary, sophisticated, surprising, super stimulating and very moving" show as NZ Herald's Simon Wilson was. That's right Simon, we're watching your tweets! Perhaps you were as terrified as Myron My, who said of the show when calling it one of the Top Ten Shows in Melbourne in 2017, "There were moments where I genuinely thought I was seeing things that were not possible because of how this story sinks its teeth into you." So if you've seen The Basement Tapes, I guess what we're saying is…


What we are not sorry about is our upcoming trip to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. You heard right! The great little show that could is heading to the biggest theatre festival in the effing world. We've been given an IPF grant by Creative New Zealand, which covers a few snacks on the plane (lol), but we are looking to cover our accommodation costs while we are there. That's right, $6000.00 should just clear us. That means we will be paying $8.30 for accommodation per hour! And most hours will be spent at our theatre or other theatres, am I right ladies? So please, help us get somewhere to rest our heads (and somewhere to put Stella's tooth at night).

Remember, you can give in different ways. Money is the ultimate goal here, but if you don't have stacked pockets don't forget sharing us and getting the word of mouth buzzing is just as important to hit that target. Tell your friends, and wait for our upcoming video to share too. 

* Thanks to all those who helped make the Boosted video, behind every stupid film is a bunch of very smart people: Laura Robinson, Rob Corica, Jess Hong, Cohen Stephens, Zentishka Williamson, Nicole Alexander, Conor Cameron