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We love to surprise people!

We keep the recipients of the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards secret until the night; and we can't wait to suprise you with the artists participating at the Boosted After Party, powered by Westpac.

We'd love to celebrate with you and invite you to come and join us on the night to find out who these magnificent artsist are!


After the high of giving close to half-a-million to artists at the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards, we'll be celebrating with the Boosted After Party, powered by Westpac.

Boosted has commissioned Karl Sheridan from the Monster Valley Experiment to curate the entertainment.  Some of you will have enjoyed the Monster Valley experience at the Boosted First Birthday at The Basement Theatre.

We were blown away by the innovation of this group of collaborative artists, and have asked them to unleash their work in the beautiful after-party venue; St Matthew-in-the-City.


Westpac has JUST been announced as a key Sponsor of Boosted.  We're excited to be collaborating with Westpac to present the Boosted After Party.

Westpac has given us a challenge.  They've generously contributed $1,000 to support the artists participating in this event, with the proviso that we match it.  And we know that we can with your support!

This is a great opportunity to take student, emerging, and experimental artists and allow them to present their work to the dedicated arts community that come along and celebrate at the Arts Awards.

We have six confirmed acts.  Karl says of the artists; "we have a strong mix between professional and student involvement - resulting in some really interesting collaborations. Everyone is getting involved for the love of it, and for the joy of being part of a prestigious event of the calibre of the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards."

thank you for your support

We can't wait to immerse you in the excitement of the Awards and Boosted After Party, powered by Westpac.

Thank you for being a part of the arts as an investor in the creative process.


  • Oh, What a Night!


    Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us at the Arts Foundation's Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards. A special thank you goes to Karl Sheridan and his collaborators at Monster Valley for putting on top-quality performances at the Boosted After Party, powered by Westpac.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the After Party Boosted project.  Your support meant that the night was a wonderful celebration of New Zealand art.

    Guests at the After Party at St Matthew-in-the-City were welcomed into the venue by organist John Wells. Dancers from the University of Auckland Dance Studies programme waltzed and breakdanced under the choreographic guidance of Helen Foy and Sophie Follett. Multi-media visual artist Joseph Michael had work displayed in an alcove. Digital music duo Dubtext kept the music pumping; and the church was transformed by projection designers Kyle Pharo and Ben Rose from Tangelo.

    We were also incredibly lucky to have a surprise performance by recently-announced Arts Foundation New Generation Award recipient Dudley Benson!

    Check out Emily Hlavac Green's photos from the night on Facebook.

    Thank you for being a part of Boosted - bringing artists and audiences closer together than ever!

    Oh, What a Night!
  • The Final Countdown


    We're in the last day of our campaign and are already 81% funded for the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards After Party!

    Thank you so much for the contributions that have already been made.

    The award recipient announcements and After Party fun take place this coming Monday, 3 November in Auckland.

    The acts are all confirmed. Monster Valley has commissioned over 30 musicians, dancers, and performers to take part in the After Party show at St Matthew-in-the-City. It's going to be engaging, immersive, and mostly pretty exciting!

    There's only $190 left to raise to secure $2,000 for performances at the After Party. All contributions are greatly received.

    Thanks from all of us at Boosted!

    The Final Countdown
  • Monster Valley


    Thank you to everyone who has donated to the After Party so far!  We're so happy that you're helping Boosted to support new artistic talent.

    We've commissioned Karl Sheridan to curate the entertainment at the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards After Party (try saying that three times fast!) because we know that his team will gather the best artists from a wide range of disciplines to engage and entertain. We want the event to be an exciting exploration for our guests, and so we're keeping his plan Top Secret!

    Karl and the team at Monster Valley create and produce an incredibly wide range of artistic outpourings.

    Click to have a look at their most recent show-reel.

    The photos you see here were taken by Zoran von Jakimov at our 1st birthday celebrations, our first collaboration with Karl as part of the Monster Valley Experiment.

    We're well on our way with 40% of our target already raised on Boosted, powered in a big way thanks to a match donation from Westpac.  All funds raised go directly to paying artist fees.

    Thanks again for your support!

    Monster Valley
  • St Matthew-in-the-City


    St Matthew-in-the-City is a progressive Anglican church with a heart for Auckland city, with an eye to the world.  The church is an inspiring architectural space, and we've very excited to be holding the Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards After Party there.

    The space includes many hidden nooks and crannies that beg for discovery and re-interpretation by artists.  It's a joy to walk through the church and uncover its hidden gems.

    One such space is the Arc (pictured here), an alcove to the rear of the church.  We'll be using this space for an interactive music performance.

    All donations to the After Party Boosted campaign will go to the artists, curated by Monster Valley, who will be performing on the night.

    Thanks for your support!

    St Matthew-in-the-City


Everyone needs art... But most art needs money! So at Boosted we're here to remove every possible barrier between artists and backers.

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