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THE ADVENTURES OF SUZY BOON: The Prisoner of Brazil is a labour of love half a decade in the making. Since season 1 was released, Suzy Boon conquered people around the world with her relatable awkward charm. The series played in 9 international web festivals and received nominations for Best Actress, Best NZ Series and Best Score.

We are hugely excited that TVNZ is giving us 20K to make a second season - whilst this is incredible generous, we still need to make this campaign to add a few more dollars to our budget.


You can help us achieve our funding target in two easy steps...

Step one: please donate to our campaign. Any donation, big or small, makes a huge difference in reaching our goal. Be it $5 or $50, your donation will count and be appreciated.

Step two: support us further by sharing our campaign out to your networks.

Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means that if we don't reach our target, the donations are returned to the donors and we receive nothing.


We need your help in order to raise a minimum of $5,500 needed to put towards hiring gear, paying our cast and crew, feeding crew - as well as helping the production.

By collaborating, you become part of the making of this independent webseries and help us cover the extra costs for production. Luckily, we are a small team - so your contribution will mean the world to us. Please note the cast and crew are incredibly talented and agreed to work for much less than they would normally.

We are filming 6 episodes (5 minutes each) over 3 days - and yes, this is a crazy schedule, but I know my team and I can achieve it - we just need your help to allow us to hire the proper equipment, feed the crew and cast and make sure our production looks top notch.

Suzy Boon will, certainly, conquer your heart - if she hasn't already. Plus she'll make you laugh and cringe like no other.






    Good morning! WE REACHED OUR TARGET AND I AM EXCITED!!!! Thanks to very generous donations in the last 24 hours we reached the original goal. It is extremely humbling... on behalf of the Suzy Boon team, I thank the donors with all my heart!

    We still have 25 days to go, so we'll work on a new goal of 8K and will continue pushing! Of course the more we can fundraise means we'll have better production values, overall. And better food, costumes, props and make up - it just means we CAN DO MORE.

    The extra funds will also go into hiring a location - it just means we can expand our search and increase our pool of places to hire - the original location we had fell through a couple of days ago.

    We have a green screen situation also, so the additional funds will help us hire the location for longer. Meaning, we don't have to rush and rush!

    Lastly, it's great to be able to pay our cast and crew, so originally they were working for a symbolic fee - we are aiming to pay them a bit more and ensure they are comfortable during the 3 day shoot.

    MUCH LOVE! Let's keep sharing!

  • Introducing JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND a.k.a. Warden Touro


    First of all, thank you to our recent contributors! We are at 8%! 

    So, I'd like to introduce our second cast member, this unknown actress called JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND!!! Lols, jj peeps! 

    We are OVER THE MOON! I dont even need to say Jennifer is an incredible actress - she's part of NZ royalty and I'm still pinching myself. The cool things is that she is also a supe rnice person, always willing to help  - I've always loved her. Jennifer will have a recurring guest role as WARDEN TOURO, a tough brazilian prison warden who is not afraid to get what she wants...

    So, yuss! JWL in the house! We LOVE you Jennifer!

    More cast announcements to follow in the next few days. 

    Introducing JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND a.k.a. Warden Touro
  • Introducing KURA a.k.a. SUZY BOON!


    Hey! We had a great start to our campaign, with 4 awesome donations! Please spread the word and share it on your networks! Here's a video of SUZY thanking our amazing contributors!

    And, needless to say, SUZY BOON is played by the fantastic KURA FORRESTER! For those of you who don't know, Suzy wouldn’t exist without the extremely talented and funny Kura Forrester… Since graduating from UNITEC, Kura has performed consistently in theatre, TV and Film. She is a member of Massive Company and was recently toured with The Wholehearted around NZ. For ATC she appeared in Amadeus and When Sun and Moon Collide. In Film: What We Do In The Shadows; Fantail. In TV: SuperCity S.2; The Blue Rose; Find Me a Maori Bride and others. Kura is excited about playing Suzy again, a character she helped create a few years ago.


    Introducing KURA a.k.a. SUZY BOON!

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