Shekynah Clarke, Kristie Waugh and Jeandre du Plooy


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Tevita has always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby player, but it was never a priority for his life according to his Samoan father. Tevita and his father rarely see eye to eye.

Going against his fathers wishes, Tevita sets out to chase his dreams, but after being met with disappointment Tevita will learn a hard lesson about what it takes to become a man. He and his father soon realise the influence they have in each others lives, which sees them through Tevita's challenges. In the eyes of now-grown Tevita, his father will always be his hero.

Tevita is a short fiction film created by AUT Television and Screen Production students. The film is written and directed by Shekynah Clarke, and co-produced by Jeandre du Plooy and Kristie Waugh.

Our hope for this short film is that it will empower the Pacifika community, by exploring topics such as Pacifika family dynamics, mental illness and sport culture. 

Tevita will be our first official film project, and we see it as the beginning of our filmmaking careers. We are at the preparation stages of the project, finding actors and working towards an official schedule. We are planning to shoot from the 31st August through to the 2nd September. 

We are expected to release the film towards the end of October, and hope to take part in film competitions, with the ultimate goal in mind of it being screened at a film festival!

Reaching our fundraising goal of $1000 will enable us to provide actors and crew with an income, and cover the costs of essential project resources. Your donations will also help us cover the costs of film competition entry fees and caterers. We want to feed the fam of course!

We thank you for taking your time to donate towards our passion! 



  • We did it!~


    Thank you so much to everyone to donated so generously to our project! We made our intended goal and have even surpassed it by more than we could ever hope for. Your on-going donations and support means so much to the team and we would sincerely like to thank you for taking a part in the process.

    Any further donations that we recieve is a bonus, it will further allow for us to make our project better and pay for things that can help boost the production value of Tevita. 

    Once again, thank you so much for all the contributions so far!