Francis McWhannell

Terror Management at the 2016 Auckland Art Fair

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Terror Management is a group of young artists based in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland. They run their own space, Halloween Gallery, above Joy Bong restaurant on K' Rd, where they recently held the first exhibition in Aotearoa of work from Bernadette Corporation. Art obsesses them. And they want art to obsess you too.

When invited to submit a proposal for the non-commercial 'Pacific Real Time' Projects at the 2016 Auckland Art Fair, Terror Management responded with a question. Could they have a free stand, alongside the commercial galleries participating in the Fair? No stand was available, so they decided to build their own.

Quite what Terror Management will produce, no one really knows - the artists included. Their aim is to interfere with the boundary between the market value and symbolic value of art. Of course, art fairs already do this. They're as much trade shows as they are exhibitions. But/so they generally skip over emerging artists with little cash behind them.

Enter Terror Management.

Funds raised from this Boosted campaign will pay for the construction of a makeshift stand for Terror Management at the Art Fair, with any remaining monies going to the artists. Francis McWhannell is a freelance researcher/writer and Assistant Curator of 'Pacific Real Time'. He has prepared this campaign on behalf of Terror Management.


  • Thank you all!


    A huge thank you to everyone who has helped Terror Internationale (formerly Terror Management) to meet its target. Thanks to your generosity, a Terror booth will appear at the 2016 Auckland Art Fair, as part of the Pacific Real Time Projects. Funds raised thus far will cover the cost of building the booth. Any additional donations will go towards paying for art materials and the artists' time.

    The Terror team and I hope to see many of you at the Art Fair, which runs 25–29 May at The Cloud, Auckland waterfront. In the meantime, check out Terror Internationale's tumblr, which includes photographs of past exhibitions, and visit their current group show, which opened on Friday 13 May at Halloween Gallery, 1a Hereford St (above Joy Bong on K' Road), Auckland.

    Francis McWhannell, Assistant Curator, Pacific Real Time

    Thank you all!

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