Grace Maguire

Teeth Talk

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This coming March, I am presenting a show as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival. I will be performing 'Teeth Talk - for smiles worth smiling' on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th of March. This show is tasked with educating the audience on how to look after their teeth.

Event details can be found -

This is a FREE event. Access to preventable health information should be accessible to all people, regardless of their financial situation. It was important for me to make this event free, so that no one was limited by the cost of purchasing a ticket. 

How can you help? What do I need to make Teeth Talk Happen?

Although I have managed to secure products for spot prizes and goodie bag, I haven't been able to get the cash money!

My previous two events I funded with money out of my own pocket. But with your kind support I will be able to make 'Teeth Talk' bigger and better.

This money will be used to help cover the costs associated with putting on Teeth Talk.

  • Auckland Fringe Registration Fees
  • Props
  • Marketing, design for social media campaigns, posters, flyers etc.
  • Design services

We were presenting one night (50 people capacity) but with 40 tickets registered a month before the event we extended and added an additional night.

I am hoping to reach 100 people over the two nights, so $10 per person would mean we reach our goal.

Want to sponsor someone to attend? $10 is all it takes!