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Te Poropiti

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I am publishing a collection of writing.

'Te Poropiti' ('The Prophet' / 'The Prophecy') will present my best pieces. It will include a preface by Max Harris, and photographs by Victoria Hollings.

I will need $1,200 to produce the book, which will be published in April.

To learn about 'Te Poropiti', visit



in the last of the summer sun
for most of a morning

I stretched myself out
on golden blue…

and there -
a bright whiteness
dust, congregating quickly

this: familiar fragrance
soft, softest whisper


and, finally:


  • New project - Don Faust


    Hi everyone,

    Last year you supported Te Poropiti, and together we reached the funding target.

    This year, I'm raising money to workshop my play, Don Faust. I'll be recruiting a director and actors to help me develop the play. In the workshops, and in the time between them, I'll transform my draft of the play into a production-ready script. At the end of this process, the actors will give a public reading of the play.

    You can find out more about the project here:

    If you're able to, please consider supporting it.



    PS: You can follow Don Faust on Facebook!

    New project - Don Faust
  • 100% funded!


    Yay! 100% - Te Poropiti is funded!

    Thank you to everyone who donated...

    (Thank you, especially, to all of you anonymous donors - I don't know who you are, yet, so I haven't been able to thank you personally!)

    For updates on Te Poropiti, check my website:

  • Final push


    The campaign is coming to an end!

    I’ve been planning the introduction to the collection:

    I’ll begin by contextualising the pieces, commenting on why I’ve chosen to include the ones that I have. (I want the collection to say something about what my writing will be – this has informed the selection process.) Then, I’ll talk about the future and what I want my writing to achieve. Finally, I’ll explain why I’ve chosen to publish a collection of ‘early’ writing: it’s a way forward…

    When I’ve drafted the introduction, I’ll send it to Max and he'll write his preface.

    There are only a few days left, now – so please keep spreading the word!


  • 10 days left!


    There are now only 10 days left!

    We've raised $530 - 44% - but time is running out.

    I still need your help!

    Boosted projects are only funded if they reach their financial target. If we don’t raise the full amount, all of the donations are refunded – which is why it’s so important that the target is reached.

    Please, please, please tell other people about this project:

    Thank you!


  • 39% down, 61% to go...


    Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

    Together, we've raised $470 - that's 39%!

    I really appreciate your support. It's becoming more difficult for emerging writers to get published in print - and yet, print is still (and will continue to be!) an important medium for the communication of ideas.

    I've still got quite a way to go before I reach my target. You can still help!

    Please spread the word - every little bit counts...

    Here's a link to the Boosted page:

    And here's a link to my website:

    I've also tweeted about it:

    I won't be able to do this without your help!

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