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Celebrating the renaissance of taonga puoro (traditional Māori instruments), 'Tātai Whetū' is a concert that brings together striking works for taonga puoro and Western instruments.

At the heart of the concert is the world premiere of 'Ko te Tātai Whetū', a collaboration between vocalist Ariana Tikao and composer Philip Brownlee. This work, commissioned in 2015 by Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, features Ariana Tikao playing pahū pounamu, kōauau, pūtātara, small and large pūtōrino and singing waiata. David Sell reviewed the work thus: "As a melding of two cultures its success came from the depth and dignity of Ariana Tikao, who played a selection of traditional Māori instruments and incorporated a Māori waiata". In our new chamber arrangement, the intimacy and clarity of the music comes even more to life.

The programme also features collaborative works by other leading New Zealand composers such as Gillian Whitehead, Dylan Lardelli, Tristan Carter and Hirini Melbourne.

Our Boosted campaign will help cover our venue, technical and instrument costs.

Join the celebration by donating to our campaign and coming to the concert on 28 June, 7:30pm Hannah Playhouse, Cambridge Terrace. Tickets $30/$20 from, or at the door.


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