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Have you ever noticed how in apocalypse movies women never seem to menstruate?

Do the scavenging teams even bother to look for sanitary products for the badass women who have survived? Do survivors even go to the toilet?! Where does everyone suddenly acquire combat gear and guns? Not everyone is a skilled doctor or a police officer with undercover training. What about the real people? Mary had something to say about that.

This devised show follows Mary, a budding young screen writer, as she gets the opportunity to pitch her script to a BIG film executive. As she pitches; her world comes alive and we see the characters she's written go on a post-apocalyptic mission to find what bleeding humans need the most. Fanny bullets. Cotton ponies. Blood plugs.

This apocalypse is unlike one we've seen before... will these characters survive?

Embers Collective is a fresh company that's focusses on enlivening the passions of our team, our fellow artists, and the community around us. Founded by Ashleigh Hook and Rebekah Dack, our goal is to create art that we want to make, whether that be theatre, film, or art installations, that encourage our audiences to start discussions with us, and their friends and whānau.

TAMPOCALYPSE is our first theatre piece and we are super excited to share it with you! We noticed that there was a lack of realistic portrayals of women in the apocalypse genre of film, and decided to make a show about it. Supporting us with as little as $5 will go a long way!

We're running this Boosted campaign so we can give you a BLOODY *see what we did there* AWESOME SHOW!

The money raised from this campaign will go towards:

- Hiring rehearsal venues.

- Helping cover travel expenses for our cast and crew.

- Production costs: costumes, props and set constriction supplies.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see what we've already been up to, and what's to Come!

Facebook: @EmbersCollectiveNZ

Instagram: @emberscollective


  • We had a photo shoot!


    We did a marketing photo shoot and the images turned out amazing! Thanks Michael Brown for photography and Georgia Hoskins-Smith for makeup.

    We had a photo shoot!
  • The cast talking about why you should support us!


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