Tegan Yorwarth

Sweet Dreams - A Short Film

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"Sweet Dreams" is the story of a harmless one night stand, taking a rather unexpected turn for the worst for our main character Adam.

After meeting Margot at a bar, the pair seems to hit it off, and as one thing leads to another, they decide to take matters elsewhere.

Upon a drunken arrival at Margot's, the two of them share a fun-filled night of spontaneity and lust. In the middle of the night, Adam awakens, only to find himself in a situation no guy wants to wake up to after coming home with a girl.

Someone's wet the bed.

We follow Adam on a journey of self-discovery, as he conjures potential solutions to get himself out of this mess and avoid ruining what could be something special...

We are a group of AUT University third-year film students, and we need your help to make our story come to life.

To complete this project we need to find talented actors to play our characters, and cater to and for an amazing production crew.

We need to hire locations, provide our crew with food and transport, and (IF we raise enough funds) pay our talent a wage or give some sort of koha. Our shoot times will be mainly late at night or in the early hours of the morning, so ensuring a comfortable and safe work environment is vital for our crew.

Your donations will help to make these things possible. Thanks for your support!