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If you love live performance, we invite you to give a gift to Q and help us nurture this legacy for generations to come.

As a charitable organisation we are proud to say that 72% of our revenue is generated from our programmes and activities.  The remaining 28% comes from grants, gifts and donations that support our growth and success - which is why private philanthropy is so vital to Q.

Q theatre can only thrive with the support of people who love the performing arts.  People like you! Theatre is vital to life and your help is vital to us.

Our objective is to raise $20,000 in the next 60 days.  This money will go directly towards keeping our theatre pulsing with fabulous performances and to support our co-presentation programme'Q Presents'.  This programmesupports artists who are pushing the boundaries of their practice and working in new ways to develop audiences.Launching for the first time this year, Q Presentswill bring cutting edge work to a wide and diverse new audience.

With 80,000 people through the doors on an annual basis and over 500 shows a year in the theatre and with many more thousands experiencing Q through our Lounge bar and cafe we are confident you will agree that Q theatre is a significant and far reaching investment in the performing arts landscape for Auckland.

How will Boosted Contributors be Involved?

Email us your ideas and feedback!

As investors in the performing arts in Auckland, we would love to hear from you. As audience members, we'd love to gain your input and insight to the experiences that you've had from attending performing arts events.  Let us know what you love about the arts in our city,  what would you change?  What would you like to see more or less of?  What are some of the barriers you see to attending the arts?  Would you be interested in joining an audience focus group to work with Q on developing audiences for the arts in Auckland?  Send your emails to boosted@qtheatre.co.nz

How much should I give to the Q theatre Project?

We need 400 people to donate $50 each or 200 people to each donate $100 to reach our goal. Think about what you would usually spend on a night out at the theatre.  All donations over $5 are tax deductible and go towards enhancing the life of performing arts in the city!


  • Q Presents - Titus


    Q Presents has its inaugural season at Q theatre next month this year.  The Q presents programme starts in May with a fantastic performance ‘Titus’  a gripping production that well and truly brings Shakespeare kicking and screaming into the 21st century. A production from new theatre company Fractious Tash (Fringe Rogue Award Winners, Wellington 2012)  this is a stunning and energetic piece of live performance in the Loft space 29th May - 8th June. Previously only seen during a  With a sell out season at UNITEC, Q is delighted to be co-presenting this piece of work.

    Take a look at their stunning trailer ….


    Q Presents - Titus

Q Theatre

Q theatre is Auckland’s performing arts hotspot. Opened in 2011, this unique flexible venue provides audiences and artists with a gateway to the creative energy, stories and experiences that make our city a vibrant place to visit or live. Q theatre began as an idea, dreamt up by a group of artists and performers, and operates as an independent charitable trust.

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