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Super HUGH-Man - The Legend Lives On

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One day, a little Māori boy from the East Coast turned on the TV and discovered his hero. Seventeen years later, that same, much older Māori boy, sat in a movie theatre and said goodbye.

Super HUGH-Man - A musical cabaret, following the journey of a Kiwi man, influenced by the great Wolverine and Broadway star, Hugh Jackman. Featuring songs from Les Miserables, The Boy From Oz, Chicago, A Chorus Line, Johnny Cash, Boyz ii Men + much more! Coming to the Basement Theatre Auckland this September as part of the Auckland Live International Cabaret Season.

Super HUGH-Man is the brainchild of performer Rutene Spooner. With guidance and direction from one of New Zealand's most experienced theatre practitioners, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Super HUGH-Man delivers a heartfelt story, intricately weaving together comedy, dance, and song into a one-hour high-quality musical cabaret.

We need your help to make this happen! Your generous donations will go towards costume, props, creating the music tracks for the show, and marketing. 

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Starring Rutene Spooner 
Director - Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Dramaturg - Kate Prior
Presented by New Zealand Music Theatre Company

New Zealand Music Theatre Company (NZMTC) is dedicated to bringing a new style of performance to Kiwi audiences. We facilitate music theatre and cabaret projects which are innovative, using a mixture of original and recognisable songs to tell stories which New Zealand audiences can experience on a more intimate and personal level.


  • 57% Thank you, Thank you!


    We are now just one week out from opening night. With Rutene recently arriving back from tour with the Modern Maori Quartet the show is now in full BEAST mode.

    We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our boosted campaign so far and helping us reach 57%. We are very humbled by your generosity and are well on track to reachin our 100% target.

    If you are'nt able to make it along to the show and would like to contribute, please donate by clicking the big red DONATE button. We have 12 days left to get #BOOSTED!

    Here's a little message from the man himself, star of the show, Rutene Spooner.

    If you wish to come to the show 20-23rd Sept you can BOOK tickets here: