Roberto Nascimento

Sui Generis / Season 3 (LGBTQIA+ WebSeries)

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Sui Generis is a 6-part anthology webseries that explores modern relationships in the age of apps and instant connections. Each episode is a stand-alone story in its own style, conceived and written by members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can watch the first 2 seasons here: - both seasons gathered international attention and have received several nominations and awards around the world.

We have 6 very exciting NEW episodes coming up and your contribution will make that possible. We will love you forever, any dollar counts. Thank you heaps! 

How can I support you & be a part of Sui Generis, Roberto?

Kia Ora! I love this show, I love telling queer stories and I love working with wonderful and talented people - who doesn't, amirite? When I first created this project I never expected we'd get nominated and receive awards all around the world (see full list below. Disclaimer: humble brag alert).

Being an independent creative can be a tough gig at times. Yes, we all know that. Chances are, you are probably in the arts yourself or are close to someone who is... so I don't even need to explain all the hours that go into bringing these 6 episodes to life. We are self funded and I will deal with all the expenses personally - including the ones in post production.

Your contribution will make life easier during the shoot dates and also give the actors and crew a better time on set. Oh, before I forget - all Boosted donations are fully tax deductible. And you'll be helping create local content.

This last season will be awesome and I'd love you to be a part of it.

OK, I'm listening... So, where is the money going?

Good question! Just the basics! Feeding people who will work hard to bring those 6 episodes to life! Any extra will go towards Locations, Boosted fee and Petrol. 

That's it, fam. We just want our crew and cast's wellbeing.  

Aroha mai, Aroha atu!


Here's some of our awards, yo! (a.k.a. humble brag list):

NZ Web Fest 2018 ***Winner: Best Director - Roberto Nascimento 

DC Web Fest2019 *** Winner: LGBT Visibility Award + Golden WebSeries Award

Apulia Web Fest 2019 *** Winner: LGBTQ Rights Award

Melbourne WebFest 2018 ***Winner of International Spotlight WebSeries



  • 2 New Awards!


    Over the weekend we won 2 new awards!

    Best International Series at the Sydney Web Fest!

    Best Representation of LGBTQIA+ Communities at the Minnesota Web Fest!


    2 New Awards!
  • Meet the cast of our first episode!


    Hey Team,

    Our series is an anthology series, meaning each episode has a different cast and story.

    Meet the cast of one of our eps...




    Meet the cast of our first episode!