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Such Stuff As Dreams

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Guess what it's about. It's about love.


Alfie, a busking guitarist with schizophrenia, meets Claire, a waitress studying hypnosis. Featuring stringed instruments, hallucinations, armadillos and fidgeting furniture, this show is for any person who has ever felt - or wanted to feel - love.

After an awesome development season in early 2018 during Te Pou Theatre's Rangatahi Season, we are super excited to share the work since then and the fruit of our collective loins at the Basement Theatre. Such Stuff As Dreams will break and remake your heart by asking - wtf is love?

Dusty Rooms are excited to bring you daring works that experiment with the complexities of human health and the courage of connection. We want to make work about healthy humans - and we would really like to keep our humans healthy while we do it. Paying our artists is our way of doing that.

Here's the problem...


Srsly. Give us all your money. Please. We need it.

Such Stuff As Dreams | Basement Theatre Studio | 6-10 November 2018, 6.30pm



Director: Adam Rohe

Writer: Camilla Walker

Cast: Tyler Wilson-Kokiri, Catherine Yates, Dan Goodwin

Design team: Ariana Shipman, Hayley Robertson

Producer: Briar Collard