Palenque Doddington

Studio School, Los Angeles

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I have recently been accepted into Studio School in Los Angeles, a fantastic performing arts school specializing in acting for film and television, where I will start my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting in January 2018.

My total tuition costs are $39,000 USD which is equal to $57,000 NZD. I would really appreciate any help to go towards my university fees. 

My father Derek Doddington (MNZM) runs a theatre company in Christchurch, Top Dog Theatre. He has always inspired me with his work, and it has become a great longing of mine. I first started in performing arts doing ballet, drama and music at a very young age and knew I had a passion for performing and entertaining - for being able to give back to others.

I have chosen to do acting for film and television as it is the field that scares me the most, but also the field which intrigues me the most. The place I could learn and grow. Unfortunately New Zealand doesn't offer a 4-year degree in film and television acting, but I feel very fortunate to have found this new direction and am able to carry out this dream in LA.

My long-term goal is to return and help put New Zealand out there. For such a small country, Kiwis bat hard and big. I want to be one of those people. I want to be someone who shines with Kiwi determination and skill. I want to push the boundaries of film and theatre alongside our great production teams. I'm looking forward to some of the best training that is available, to filling up with ideas and coming back here to New Zealand to rock the world! 

Thanks for your support!