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THE BACKSTORY (walking away) - My story begins in small town Hawkes Bay… One of those kids listening to a jukebox at the country pub he was too young to be in, picking up guitar chords from his Irish grandmother, and mastering the Maori strum from his dad. Music shaped me and made me. Over the years I tried to balance a creative life with paying the rent. But that balance never worked. Ultimately a choice was made. After a lifetime denying who I was, I left that life behind. And committed to building a new one as a fulltime musician.

THE WORK THAT'S BEEN DONE (finding my way) - So I hit the road. Hard. The past year alone has seen four national tours, relentless roadtrips that left three cars in smoking engines! Amidst it all I've worked my ass off to reach audiences up and down the country. The response has been amazing, people hungry for honest, original music. And I've connected through my songs, which is something I'm really proud of. It even took me back to the city, where I opened for an absolute musical hero of mine, Jeff Tweedy! It feels like I'm on the right path…

THE NEXT STEP (the big break!) - Due to the touring and roadwork, I've got the opportunity to record with one of the best producers in the country. Wayne Bell has worked with the likes of: Bic Runga, Dave Dobbyn, Greg Johnson, Tim Finn. Along with this, I've got time at the legendary Lab studios. This amazing room is simply the best environment I could hope for, in my mission to record and release an album.

THE GOOD FEELING BIT (walking forwards) - So, to take this step, I'm fundraising with Boosted. If you're able to donate here, this can happen. If I'm able to devote everything to this recording thanks to your donation, it can happen. This is the part I can't do alone.

So thank you for listening and thank you for being part of the journey!

"A pure hearted performer, his songs sound like long-time classics" Rogue Stage

"One hard working troubadour, a bit Springsteen, even a bit Waits, with wit, sweat and heartfelt songs" Sitting Room Sessions

As The Arts Foundation is a registered charity and Donations qualify for a tax credit: NZ income earners qualify for a 33% tax credit on their donations from the IRD with a receipt automatically provided by The Arts Foundation for any donation made.


  • The Fundraising Show



    This weekend is the big hootenany yahoo at Common Room!
    What that means is we're having a nearly-end-of-the-funding-run party/show
    at Hawkes Bay's best little bar! (It seriously is, just won two awards saying so!).

    It's going to be a great night and a chance to sing and say thank you to a lot of people. Of course I'll need to get around the country to see you all and say thank you in person, that's what summer tours are for :)

    So before we head into the weekend and things go all crazy on Saturday, just wanted to check in, say hi, and say another round of thank you's. To those that I've been able to write to and the anonymous ones especially!

    If you're near Hawkes Bay on Saturday, come on down. Otherwise I'll be coming towards you with an album, soon...

    x Stretch.

    The Fundraising Show
  • Still trucking!


    Well we're right in the midst of the Boosted campaign. Just so you know I'm still trucking along, here's a little video taken from one night over the past however many tours!

    The response to the idea of getting me in that studio has been overwhelming.
    Once there, it's going to be flat out work time, which is exciting!

    Once there every $ will count - so if you have time, please share this around -or if you haven't yet, become part of this lovely donors wall!

    Getting some breathing space/ further donations past the target we've reached, really will really allow the music to be taken care of rather than rushed.
    It will allow the musicians I'm working with to be looked after for their time.

    Not luxuries, just "doing the job as well as it should be" once in that studio.

    So tally ho! I'm going to have another push at this and budget be damned!

  • #MakingAnAlbum! #endlessthanks #worktobedone


    I will post up something more literate once I've stopped shaking it around the room, 


    #MakingAnAlbum! #endlessthanks #worktobedone
  • week 2 / keeping feet on the ground


    A whirlwind of a week. 

    2 things I really want to mention today... 

    * The re-connection with people I've met on my travels, in parts of the world, or just in the same country, over many years, has been amazing. It hits me in the heart when I get a message from someone I've known, maybe even briefly. So that's a whole other thing I didn't know would happen. (I'm really not good at predicting things).

    * PRIVATE DONORS - You ROCK!! Whatever your reasons for being part of this and keeping it quiet, I just want to say directly - X THANK YOU X - It's been a huge part of this getting to where it is today. And I'm every time blown away by you, you mysterious, intriguing, generous person you. 



    week 2 / keeping feet on the ground
  • speechless/humbled/inspired and more


    I wasn't prepared for such an amazing start to this project. 

    Things are off to a flying start, so already, thank you for humbling the heck out of me! :) 

    I'll be checking in as we go and keeping you updated on what the money will make happen. 

    But already, thank you so damn much x 


    speechless/humbled/inspired and more