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Strange Stains in Japan, Artist Residency

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ART Islands TOYKO 2016 

This is a super exciting opportunity and I have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the 31 Artist to be part of this amazing Artist Residency in Japan.

Art Islands is an international contemporary art exhibition that runs annually on the Islands of Oshima and Niijima from the 22nd August - 18th of September. The island I am staying on is Oshima where my collaborator and I will have 11 days before the exhibition starts to make an art installation.

We have researched and are focusing on the concept of the modern witch and how they navigate their surroundings in a technically advanced environment and the impacts that this creates. This work will include jewellry, live soundtracks and music installations, textile and sculpture and we will be preforming within this multimedia art installation (in fabulous costumes that we have made of course!).

For this amazing residency to go ahead I would need your help with funding. All donations would go towards flights, accommodation and art materials.

Thank you so much
Please share with friends and whanau

To see more about Art Island Tokyo go to:

To see more examples of my art practices go to:

A very huge thank you to Kate Logan for filming and editing the video!!
Also photo credit to Erin McNamara.