Gemma Walsh

Strange Haven

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Strange Haven is a workspace, venue and clubhouse for community happenings in Auckland.

We have big dreams and high hopes but very little cash - and creating a functional space is rather expensive.

With a little bit of help from you we believe we can create something pretty darn special.

This is how it'll work: during the week a gaggle of permanent writers/artists/freelance wizards will call Strange Haven their home. Then, at night and on weekends, the studio will revert to a state of blankness - hosting performances, music, community meetings, pop-ups, art exhibitions. Whatever feels right.

Siblings and mega dorks with big hearts, Samuel and Gemma Walsh will act as caretakers of the space while working in collaboration with in-house residence and a series of co-conspirators to host and facilitate events.

Strange Haven will also be readily available for public use.

281 Karangahape Road is adorned with wooden floors, high ceilings, charm and unlimited potential. The space itself has a strong history of community minded organisations, being the former location of Rainbow Youth and Auckland's Pride Centre - so it's tremendously important to us that we try and contribute to this lineage and to Auckland's cultural make up.

Strange Haven's focus is on sustainability and community - not profit. We have invested our own money into the space because we believe in it's potential and that of our friends.

The money raised through this campaign will go towards the set up costs of a functional space - tables/chairs/insurance/website/PA system etc. Anything we make over our $2500 target will act as a buffer as we work towards something that we hope will be both dreamy and ongoing.

With an official opening planned for mid April, the first month of happenings will include a mixed genre music showcase, poetry evening, documentary making workshop, book launch and second hand clothing market.

Thank you very kindly for your support.

Love your strange friends, G and S x

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