Suzanne Bradley

STIFFS - Short Film

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Stiffs is a Dark Comedy that tells the story of Eva, a struggling, 30-something woman, who learns a valuable lesson about death, mourning and taking responsibility. 

In order to make ends meet while looking after her elderly mother, Eva takes a job working in her best friend Francie's Funeral Home. Eva is terrified, and makes mistakes, but she overcomes her fears and takes control of her life.

We need your help to raise $2500, which will cover some of our production and post-production costs. 

Every little bit helps, but as Boosted is an "all or nothing" crowdfunding platform, donations will be refunded if we don't reach our funding goal. We would greatly appreciate any support you can give.

To donate, you need to register with Boosted - a very simple process. You will recieve a receipt when our project is successful, and all donations through Boosted made by NZ income earners are 33% tax deductable. Essentially, donate $100, and you can claim $33 back from the IRD.


Written and Directed By Amie Bentall

After one degree, 2 diplomas and a certificate, Amie finally landed on Directing, which she studied at South Seas Film And Television School in 2015. Since then she's worked in TV production and editing, acted on the side, and directed the web series All Bi Myself in 2016. Amie's passion is working together with actors to create hilarious and truthful performances

Produced by Suzanne Bradley

Suzanne completed her Honors degree in Screen Production in 2016 through the University of Auckland. She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Screen Production focusing on the role of Producer. Suzanne loves working behind the scenes and has aspirations as a Screen Writer and Script Developer.