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"Abel is a refined writer whose lyrics have a bone-bare quality - the sound of someone writing and singing from a place where there is no guile, just hard truth and clear eyes."
- Graham Reid

Songs are fantastic vehicles for expression and at their best have the ability to communicate to us the human experience.

I always have songs on the go but at certain points in time a list has assembled that insists on being completed by the accompaniment of fellow musicians and committed to recorded form.

I am a songwriter, singer, environmental activist and father of five years. In July I will release my third album called Luck/Hope of which I'm very proud. It has been a little while coming and in the ensuing time I've written a new collection of songs that we have an opportunity to record soon. We invite you to join us in making this new recording project possible.

The songwriter's trade has three basic disciplines - writing, recording and live performing. Each of these is an art form in itself.

Within the recorded mode three factors determine a successful work - the nature of the song, the skill of the performers and execution of the performance, and the art in the technical capture and rendering (production).

For the project at hand we have a dozen songs with which to play - and all of them feel worthy. Though not all will make the final collection. We have some wonderful musicians with whom to collaborate. Finally we have a marvellous engineer and producer in Nick Abbott whose availability is a catalyst for this moment.

Our plan is to assemble these parts in the simple setting of a house. My own humble home, being a somewhat ramshackle rental in West Auckland! Here we intend to make an intimate recording of these new songs.

Please join us in making this project possible. In helping to capture some beautiful music with fine musicians and present it back to you and the world in recorded form.

Thank you very much for your support!

"The escalating-in-excellence Steve Abel - equal parts disturbing and lullaby-esque. Sparse but dense, quiet but intense. Consummately relaxed danger."
- The Quietus UK: Daniel Ross

"Shimmering - one of the most perplexing and stirring efforts you will ever hear. This is extremely meaningful music."
- This Metal Sky UK: Jeff Thiesse

"In a community of poet troubadours."
- Nick Bollinger, RNZ

"Arrant musical hypnosis."
- William Dart


  • Recording has begun as another album is released


    Hello friends,

    Thanks again for your wondeful support!  We exceeded our target hitting over $9000 which is marvellous.

    As promised we began recording within just a few weeks and that furst proper three day session in my living room was a great success!  We captured nearly a dozen songs with Chris O'Conner and Jon Pearce and Nick Abbott and they are sounding great!  There is still a bunch of work to do before we complete and release these ones but thanks to you the process is well underway.

    In the meantime i'm finally releasing a long-awaited third album Luck/Hope in just two weeks.

    Gigs in Auckland, Wellington and Paekakariki on 6, 18 and 19 August respectively. Tickets can be got here..[]

    Please enjoy this new video from Florian Habict for one of the songs from Luck/Hope called Best Thing...

    I'll update you now and then on progress with the Boosted project.  Again, 1000 thanks and hope to see you at a gig soon!



  • Wow we did it! Thanks to YOU! And we're still going!


    We are over the moon to have achieved 100% of our target!

    Thanks to all of you who have given so generously and sent so many great messages of support. It’s a very humbling and affirming experience.

    We are now well on the way to beginning recording in the later part of June. And buzzing about it!

    This outreach has given rise to other opportunities including adding strings to one of the songs.

    So we are going to keep going! We’ll keep encouraging more people to support the project. We’ve set a goal of getting up to 150% of our original target in this last week. That will enable us to cover the musicians, equipment, recording and mixing as well as add strings and pay something towards mastering the recordings.

    Thanks very much once again for your wonderful support and giving this new recording project the chance to fly!

    Please share the link to our boosted page with your friends and like the Steve Abel Music page on facebook ( for regular updates.

    Steve Abel