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A Steampunk adventure in a 'future past'

Stella 459 is a Steampunk-themed action comedy short film.

'Steampunk' is a pop-culture movement, widely described as a sub-genre of science fiction. It typically features steam-power and any number of anachronistic technologies set in an alternate history, frequently that of the industrialised late nineteenth century.

While the film is essentially a train robbery romp, the story attempts to bring in themes from the darker part of English Victorian life e.g. mining, yet told in a completely different context and time.

What have we achieved so far?

STELLA 459 has already completed filming!  After a 10 day shoot on location in Henderson, principal photography was finished in December 2013.

The film took several months of planning and pre-production to prepare for the shoot, due to the requirements - props, wardrobe, set - having to be built or made.  We were lucky to have the help of many local craftspeople who are fans of Steampunk as well, as being in the film and television industry.

The trailer for the film was released in July this year.  The film is currently a 25 minute rough cut without visual effects, sound effects or soundtrack.

A 10 minute behind the scenes documentary by filmmaker Allen Shih has also been completed.

What do we need?

We are seeking funding for post production services, such as audio clean-up and sound mixing, to complete the rough cut and prepare the film for entry into local and international film festivals that suit the genre.

And what's for the future?

STELLA 459 was originally conceived as a feature-length film project.  The idea is to produce a compelling proof-of-concept short film with the intent of using this as a stepping stone to a feature film project.  This is the approach used most recently by Taika Waititi for WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS.


  • 14 days to go!


    Hi team!
    I'm please to report that we've made a little progress from last week and are at 7% at the time of writing this. We have a bit of press lined up on several local and international film blogs and sites in the next week so I'm very hopeful of some movement then.

    For your viewing pleasure, here is Part 2 of the Behind the Scenes work by Allen Shih.

    You can hopefully gain from viewing the doco that the whole team had an enormous amount of fun making the film. For me as director, this was my first time shooting this genre, one that I love, and I learnt even more again about the practical aspects of filmmaking. I was also very happy that the cast really enjoyed getting into their characters and roles, which for the most part were quite different from their own personalities.

    I hope one day that the feature-length version of STELLA 459 will make it into production. I’m really excited about the universe I’ve created and really look forward to the chance to tell larger stories and lead the audience into this dirty, dangerous, funny and exciting alternative future I’ve created.

    Remember you can still help us simply by spreading the word!

    Use the social media sharing buttons at the top of this page or copy and paste the page link into an email - it's that easy!

    Thanks again for reading


  • Week 1: A hiss and a roar


    First of all a huge thanks to those donors who have supported us out of the gate: we are certainly well on the way!

    During filming we were very lucky to have several people documenting our journey with behind the scenes content.  Crew member Allan Shih has composed a neat little doco with interviews with the director and cast.

    As the first of our Boosted updates, here's Part one:

    Keen to give us a hand?

    While we are working towards a financial target, you can help by simply spreading the word about our project and this campaign!  You can find social media sharing buttons at the top of the Boosted project page or you cut and paste the web link into a blog post or email.

    Thanks again for your time, and sharing in our journey