StarJam's 2014 End of Year Celebration

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StarJam empowers young people with disabilities through performance opportunities in Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, and Auckland. The empowerment the Jammers experience through being involved in StarJam helps create the foundation needed to assist Jammers in becoming contributing and productive members of society.

Our Show!

Our End of Year celebration is the culmination of a year of efforts through our performance workshops. Audience members will be swept up in an evening filled with sensational singing, dazzling dancing, dynamic drumming and masterful musical mash-ups. All around the country, hundreds of young people with disabilities will get the chance to perform on stage for their friends, family and the wider community.

The End of Year Celebration cements the growth and achievements which have taken place in the workshop. It is the space which lends purpose to the Jammers' work over the last year, and credibility to their identities as performers. The memories which will be created through the performances at our events are bright features in our Jammers' lives which will help build their sense of self-worth and value.

A StarJam show never fails to entertain, inspire, and surprise. Never before have fuzzies been so warm, hands so clapped, or toes so tapped. Not only will it be an incredible experience for our Jammers, but will blow away audience members too. They will laugh, cry, and probably leave with a sore face from altogether too much smiling. There ain't no party like a StarJam party. Come and see for yourselves!

Your donations will go towards lighting, costumes, set, props, and all other flourishes needed to create an innovative, professional show. With your help our performers will feel like stars, and our audience members will experience an inspirational, unforgettable performance unlike any other.

To truly showcase our Jammers' talents and to produce 4 nationwide shows to the high standard that our young people deserve we need to raise another $20,000 or approximately $66 per Jammer.

Thank You for your support. 


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