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Sportsman Of The Year - album

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Hi there, I'm Jan Hellriegel. I've been making music for...a while now...and am currently
working on a 4th studio album.

The working title is 'Sportsman of the Year" (That will probably change). There will be 10 new songs in total, and I believe it is going to be my best work yet.

For me to produce this album to the standard I would like, I will once again be asking some of the best musicians and producers in NZ & Australia to collaborate with me in the studio.

For this I will need extra resources.

Everyone deserves to be paid for their work, of course, and it is important for me to look after everyone who gives their time, talent & energy to help create something special.

Music sales don't cover the expense of a live studio project any more, so I I'm here to ask friends, family and music enthusiasts to help me fully realise this album.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you're interested in getting involved. I will keep you updated.


  • It's a wrap!!!!


    Thanks so much for your patience everyone. Today we finished the album tracking. it has taken over a year and quite frankly - it sounds like it! Its a big beautiful colourful treasure trove of timbre and I am pretty sure you will be impressed. I would like to thank you for helping me get his far. It has been an absolute delight recording this album... and without you - well I wouldn't be here. Next step... mixing and mastering - and that's going to take a bit of time and there is something else I am doing to compliment the release which is pretty wild and interesting... so stand by. 

    While I have your attention - I am going to credit everyone in the liner notes of the album cover so if you have anonymous against your name but would like to be credited - let me know.... otherwise it wil stay anon. 

    Thanks again. 

    Over and out for now..

    Jan H xx 


    It's a wrap!!!!
  • Wow! 64% happened... Thank You!


    Wow !!! Somewhere along the way I reached 64% of my Boosted Campaign Sportsman of the Year. and haven’t had a chance to say thank you yet. So THANK YOU ALL so much every one.

    A few months back I was thinking… I really love what do – I love working in music and because I am around so many amazing writers and performers and get to hear their incredible songs I’m always inspired to keep working on the art of song writing too.

    So over the years I have managed to write of bunch of tunes that I think are worthy of release so I thought yay – time to make an album.... and then the question became….so how on earth does one make an album in the streaming era?

    Well they get the best people the can to form a team and then they just start. But of course resources are needed because you need to book studios, producers, engineers and you want to bring in your big guns band to make the songs come alive in a blaze of glory.

    While I was thinking how do I raise the necessary funds to make an album a Boosted campaign flashed up on my Facebook feed and I thought – OK try that.

    And then I sort of freaked out and thought why would anyone support my campaign knowing that for some people $20 or even $5 is a huge reach.

    And it is only music after all…

    But then I thought about what music means to people. The countless times that I have been approached and been told by some one that my song has influenced, saved, made laugh or cry, supported nourished or married them.

    So yes I have been told to stop and move aside for the younger muso’s and that I have been told by some I am too old to be following my dreams still…

    But you see making music isn’t a dream – it’s my job. It is my essence it is who I am.

    Everything else just revolves around music and it is my purpose.

    So thank you for helping me realise that there is only one option and that is to never give up and that there are some people who still believe in me after all this time.

    Thanks again. I do believe this cockamamie idea to do a Boosted campaign is going to work.

  • Hoorah!! 16% already!


    Wow thanks so much I have hit 16% ... and I so appreciate all the kind words of support. Once upon a time I made the choice to be a musician and produce music. ( I know right!! What was I thinking as my other friends at Uni got their professional degrees)... 

    I was hoping that sometimes a song would touch someone in a way that made them happy or strong or even heard. That is the task at hand. My job is to reflect the stories which are surrounded in life. 3 chords and the truth - although to be honest I probably add a few more than 3... 

    Now I am getting hopeful that I might be able to book a studio over the Christmas holidays ? What do you mean - what about the beach? The sad truth is my idea of a good time is hanging with my friends in a dark room and doing tunes! Hoorah!

    And remember if you are supporting this project - leave me your email address so I can thank you properly x x x

    Thanks for getting me this far! 

    You can read about why I am thinking about the name "Sportsmand of the Year"
     here...   http://www.janhellriegel.com/blog-archive/2016/11/17/why-am-i-thinking-of-calling-this-album-sportsman-of-the-year

    Hoorah!!  16% already!