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Spirit House

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Carl Bland and Ben Crowder create a theatrical world that bursts with magic, imagery and potent language. From HEAD to 360 to TE PO, the company has captivated and moved audiences across New Zealand. 

We're in the midst of kickstarting our next production, SPIRIT HOUSE, into life. Starring Ian Mune, Mia Blake and Tim Carlsen, it's a wildly ambitious take on the ghost story form. This bold theatrical proposition which riffs on the ghosts that haunt us and the politics of art is set to premiere with Auckland Live in February 2017. And so our fearless creative leaders are busy whipping theatrical royalty such as John Verryt, Elizabeth Whiting and John Gibson into a frenzy so that they can stage the unstageable.

Backed by the company's trademark visual storytelling, audiences can expect bodies to emerge from water, cobras to haunt their victims, rats to attack. No pressure.

In the past we've shot actors out of cannons, gorillas have hung out eating ice creams, a massive giraffe has burst through a wall and a giant fish has been pulled from the audience. In SPIRIT HOUSE and with the help of our mates at Main Reactor, we're creating a 6-foot cat named Claude.

But getting Claude fully animated and life-like doesn't come cheap. And though we have big ideas, we're not a fat cat company. We need a bit of help to sharpen his claws and bring him to life in all his preening glory.

Help us get the cat his cream.
We can't let Andrew Lloyd Webber have the final say on our feline friends.


"I want to rack up as many reasons as possible why you should see this show, because it's a masterpiece."

"When you hear gasps of astonishment around you in a theatre, then realise one of them was your own, you know that what you are seeing is something remarkable."


Cast: Ian Mune, Mia Blake & Tim Carlsen
Writer: Carl Bland
Directors: Ben Crowder & Carl Bland
Designers: John Verryt, Elizabeth Whiting & Rachel Marlow
Composer: John Gibson

February 16-March 5


  • 31 hours and counting. 75% achieved. 25% to go.


    What a nail-gnashing experience! We've got 31 hours to go and we are SO VERY CLOSE!

    We are almost there thanks to the 88 extraordinary human beings who have stepped forward to back us - our wonderful donors.

    Here is a shot of Min Kim, who is playing our cat Claude, prepping for the first step of his transformation. 

    The clock is ticking and every bit helps. If you know someone who's curiosity will help us get our cat, please feel free to cheerlead! 

    31 hours and counting. 75% achieved. 25% to go.

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