Adam Hayward

Space to Fail in Vancouver

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Help support New Zealand dance artists Alexa Wilson and Josie Archer 'Fail'!

Space to Fail is a process based international reciprocal exchange residency project which will be taking place in Vancouver in November 2019 and Sydney and Christchurch in early 2020.

Space to Fail is a project designed by Adam Hayward of Hyde Productions and for this first edition presented by Hyde Productions (Christchurch), Critical Path (Sydney) and the Dance Centre (Vancouver)

Space to Fail places process at its heart as it focuses on the craft of the artist and not the need to constantly churn out product. It shifts the focus away from short periods of energy expended to make a work that is seen by a few before the demands of making the next work kick in and rather says take the time to play, to simply be an artist, in space with other artists from other places and see where that takes you.

This boosted campaign is to support these two phenomenal New Zealand dance artists to take part in the Vancouver part of this first residency alongside artists from Australia and Canada during Dance in Vancouver in November this year.

All onshore costs, accommodation, per diems and studio hire etc. are covered and we simply need to get them there and let them live!

Your support will go towards flights and fees and any stretch target will go towards the Sydney and Christchurch leg of the project in 2020.

Image credits

Josie Archer by Charlie Rose Creative

Alexa Wilson by Lydia Bittner Baird