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Soundscapes for Spoken Sparks Poetry Album

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I have recorded a 23 poem spoken word poetry album and need help to finish obtaining all the soundscapes to go behind the recorded performances.  I have paid for the first six of them at $50 a soundscape through my soundscape composer, Australia-based, Shaqles, of the Doqument.  I have $850 left to pay which I will aim to obtain through this Boosted project.

After the soundscapes are done, it's simply a mix and master followed by the album artwork finalisation process.  It will be good to get it all done.  The poems are sounding great so any help given is gratefully received.  I know these poems will speak to people as they are powerful to those who have heard them already.

I have a New York artist doing the cover, an artist called Natalie Del Villar, who did my Brightness Sparks cover.  It's all a long work in progress, yet worth the effort in the end, always.  No matter how it goes financially it's creating something of cultural value.

The poet this artist is creating from is Wu Dabidos, a member of my internal alterego crew the Super Māorio Bruthas.  It is awesome to know that the creative force of the leader of the crew ESOLIGH is guiding the process as he has 13 releases on Bandcamp.


  • (: 80% has been smacked! :)

    4 DAYS AGO

    Thank you so much for your kind donations!!!  (:  I appreciate every bit of the energy  :).  This crowdfunder has been a lot of anxiety-inducing mahi producing one big fight with a homie who I love.  Now I'm pushing for the finish line like Mark Suciu going for that spectacular ollie over that amazing urban structure in Verso (look it up if you would like your mind blown).


    (: 80% has been smacked!  :)
  • "50% has been struck!" Thank you video

    1 WEEK AGO

    Thank you for all the kindness my donators!  And thank you everyone else for letting me do this (another time).  Trying to make it happen for another project!  Bless you all!


    "50% has been struck!"  Thank you video

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