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Soul Places

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'Wake up! Its time for you to Wake Up!' Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere

At a time in history when most live in cities, often unhappy and out of balance, do ancient cultures hold a key to our liberation?

Inspired by classics like Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka and Samsara, this visually based film has a unique point of difference with its focus on the beauty of New Zealand in contrast to the chaos and poverty of modern life.

Wisdom keepers share sacred knowledge bringing us to a place of hope, healing and transformation.

Here's the 'Soul Places'  Trailer which has been entirely self funded until now:

Acclaimed Cinematographer Mark Lapwood ACS takes us on a journey through New Zealands most stunning landscapes and shares insights from some of New Zealand's most respected wisdom keepers, elders, scientists, healers and children. 

This film explores our consciousness in nature - the art of mindfulness, an awareness in each moment with stillness in the natural world.

Why is this campaign important? Why now?

Many of the elders we need to film are in their mid to late 70's and want to record their insights while they're still with us.

We're doing it now because time is running out, we need to record as much of this valuable information on film as soon as possible, so the knowledge can be passed on for future generations to come.

How will we use this money?

Your donations will cover the cost of doing this urgent filming with the elders. Equipment rental, crew fees, transport, flights, meals and accommodation are all expenses we need to meet in getting this done.

Why Crowd Funding?

Large scale financiers want to know we have a solid audience of passionate supporters wanting to see the film, you guys! Meeting our crowd funding goal will prove this and help secure the remaining production funding of $385,000 from investors to complete film.

I've already put in over $25,000 of my own money and five years filming in between jobs to arrive at this point. Now we need your help.  

We have a Match Funder on board - Gene Thompson - will donate $1 for every $1 you donate to a capped amount of $5,000. So the first $5,000 will instantly become $10,000! Thanks so much Gene!

As a registered charity, all Boosted donations qualify for a 33% tax credit for New Zealand Tax Payers and anyone with investments in NZ. They charge us 10% for use of this platform and this goes straight back to the arts, very cool.

Since launching the trailer on Facebook we've had many people telling us, 'This film should be in schools', so we've listened and now for every $100 donation we're donating a copy of the film to a school in New Zealand! When we exceed our target, we'll donate to more schools! 

This is an 'all or nothing' campaign. This means if we don't reach our target, we will not receive any of the funds. We have to raise the full amount in order to receive any funds at all. 

If you're as passionate as we are about this film and sharing it with humanity, then we are 'game on' people!

Would you like to join us on this journey?

Is this a cause you'd like to support? Are you passionate about this film getting made and being shared with the world? Can you make a donation to help make it happen? If so please click the link below. 

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your support, It means the world to us! The truth is we could not make this film without you. We look forward to partnering you on this journey and sharing in the fun along the way!

Thanks again for your support, be well and be wild - this is just the beginning!

Arohanui (much love)

Mark, Christine and the Soul Places Team Xxx


  • Summer Update


    Hi There

    I hope this email finds you healthy, well and enjoying life!

    Christine and I just had an amazing time over the last month travelling in the Far North of New Zealand right up to Cape Reinga - Rerenga Wairua - the 'leaping off place of spirits'. Such a magical vibe up there and perfect for 'Soul Places'.

    We stayed at many beautiful places like Taputaputa, Spirits Bay, Matai Bay and Doubtless Bay. Stunning landscapes, gorgeous weather and we met many wonderful people along the way.

    We filmed time-lapses from Sunset 'til late to capture the stars on several occasions, long sleepless nights stargazing.

    Sometimes when shooting time-lapse shots unpredictable weather can lead to failed attempts, so we had to return several times to get a good result. This is why a film like this can take a long time to make!

    Anyway here's a taste of our journey capturing the magic over summer for 'Soul Places', enjoy!

    We hope this inspires you, feel free to share!

    Thank You so much for being a part of the journey.


    Mark & Christine Xx

    P.S. If you think of any individuals or organisations that may like to support 'Soul Places', please let us know. We're currently on the search for additional production funding so we can spend a whole lot more time filming and editing this year!

    We're keen to partner with individuals and organisations who may simply love our project, maybe would like to share our project on their network, philanthropists, arts supporters or in-kind sponsors, all are welcome! 

    There's more information available here: or you can simply email us at:

    Ideas and input is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    Summer Update
  • Spring Update


    Dear Friends, 

    Here's a little update to keep you in the loop! 

    It’s amazing how when we set our intention and focus, life brings us things to fulfil those intentions.

    A great example is that while making Soul Places this year, I was recently hired for six weeks to film a whole lot of 'beautiful nature' footage for a Tele-Feature based here in New Zealand! Classic.

    So if you’re wondering how the film is going, well that’s what’s been happening, it’s a constant juggle between shooting portions of the film, making a living as a cinematographer, and trying to maintain a healthy work - life balance.

    We have made a lot of progress with filming, yet there's still much more to capture. So it’s my intention to sit down with an editor to cut together a large portion of what we’ve already shot soon, to gain a fresh perspective.

    Then in summer we intend to get back on the road again to film with more people in their Soul Places around New Zealand capturing more material for the project.

    We're also putting more energy into sourcing additional funding to help pay for all of this, so we're able to spend more time focused on the creative elements.

    We look forward to updating you with more images and stories of our travels over the coming months as we continue our journey. Below are a couple of new images to for you to enjoy :) 

    Thank You so much for your continued support.


    Mark & Christine Xx

    P.S. If you think of any individuals or organisations who may like to support 'Soul Places', please let us know. Your input is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    There's more information available here:

    We also welcome endorsements, partners and/or sponsorship. Interested parties can email us at:

    Spring Update
  • Winter Update


    To all our wonderful supporters!

    Well its now winter here in New Zealand and we’ve been making some beautiful progress lately on the film.

    Recently we had the privilege and honour of filming with Makuini Ruth Tai and Eila Paul at the Sharda centre in Tuakau, South of Auckland in Aotearoa - New Zealand.

    Makuini shared her deep understanding of REO (Rich Earth Oratory), showing how language connects us to nature. Some inspiring insights and revelations there for us all!

    Sharda’s Kaitiaki (Guardian) Eila Paul welcomed us to film a warm hearted explanation of New Zealand’s native Mamaku Fern and how it reflects our human characteristics in many ways. She sang beautiful Waiata (Maori songs) while spontaneously connecting with the natural environment, illustrating a tender understanding of the eco-system, beautiful!

    Its tricky some days as we really don’t know how things will unfold on the filmmaking journey, yet with a clear intention, the support of natures elements and generous souls like Makuini and Eila who wish to share their wisdom, a whole lot of magic can be recorded in ways that surpass expectations. This was one of those days!

    Huge gratitude to all involved, our great crew and the support team at Sharda, Thank You!


    Mark & Christine Xx

    P.S. We're still seeking complete production funding for 'Soul Places', so if you have any ideas for individuals or organisations that may be interested in supporting this film, please let us know. Your input and support is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    There's more information available here:

    We also welcome endorsements, partners and/or sponsorship. Interested parties can email us at:

    Winter Update
  • Summer Filming


    Dear Soul Places friends,

    We’d like to update you with what’s been happening with ‘Soul Places’. Here’s the latest news from our New Zealand Summer to keep you in the loop.

    You may remember we raised just over NZ$23,000 through our Boosted campaign, which was awesome. A portion of our total budget of $385,000 NZD.

    In order to maximise our use of these funds, we had to make some big decisions. After much deliberation we concluded our most important priority was to have the flexibility to film when people are available and weather is on our side.

    So we used this money to purchase a new Sony 4K production camera (FS7) and the accessories required to make it filming ready. I also invested some of my own money on a set of Nikon prime lenses (with Canon mounts) to take things to the next level visually.

    What a delight! No more camera rental fees or having to return gear right when we need to be filming. As the Maori say, we can now ‘follow the Wairua’ (the spirit) of our journey with great flexibility, being able to spend time with people when it flows and capture the magic as it unfolds before us. This has been a true blessing.

    In terms of recent filming, my partner Christine and I spent six weeks over the summer in New Zealand on the road filming some incredible people and places.

    We had the intention of filming several elders, yet we discovered some were too unwell and the timing wasn’t right for others on this trip. However, we did manage to spend a week with the wonderful Barry Brailsford and his partner Cushla at Castle Hill (Kura Tawhiti) in the South Island.

    Barry who turns 80 this year has slowed down a lot physically, yet he still glows with an incredible spirit of generosity and compassion.

    We just reached Barry in time. The night we arrived it rained so much a massive landslide, 20,000 tons of scree, blocked the route we’d just taken through Arthurs pass blocking all traffic for several days!

    Miraculously the sun opened up the next day so we could film Barry amongst the sacred rock formations at Castle Hill. He shared many gems of knowledge passed down to him by Waitaha elders in this magical place.

    As soon as we wrapped filming the storm returned in full force, this time with hail!

    We were very grateful, it felt like we were being supported by the elements, ensuring Barry’s wisdom was recorded.

    Another highlight of filming was at the transformational festival Luminate, in Canaan Downs on the northern tip of the South Island, near Takaka.

    Luminate creates a beautiful utopian community, there were so many opportunities to film magical interaction unfolding before my eyes.

    I captured many beautiful scenes with people of all ages, illustrating a sense of love, joy and connection to the land and each other.

    This festival opened up new opportunities to film more wisdom keepers both in Aotearoa (NZ) and overseas.

    While there’s still much filming to be done with elders and incredible people, we’ve now had to return to Auckland to focus on earning a living and regroup for a while.

    The next phase is to edit this recent footage, so we can see how things are shaping up within the big picture, while developing the story. Then we’ll get on the road again to film more as people are available to share on camera.

    As soon as we have something more to share, a taste of this magic, you’ll be the first to see!

    Thanks so much for your patience, generosity and support. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.



    P.S. By the way if you know people or organisations who you feel may like to support this film, additional donations can be made through our website:

    If you feel you’d like to offer support through endorsement from your organisation, partnering us or sponsorship of any kind, please email us:


    Summer Filming
  • 115% Funded! Thank You!!!


    Thank You so so so much to everyone who has donated to our campaign! You guys and gals are awesome!

    We wrapped up last night at 115% of our target! We are totally humbled and eternally grateful for all of your support.


    Each and every one of you has contributed in your own unique way to add up to this incredible result, Thank You!

    This is a major shot in the arm for us. I have never had such a powerful endorsement of my work in my entire life, so to each of you, I Thank You.

    We're sending a huge Thanks to Gene Thompson for his incredible generosity as our Match Funder to $5,000. This made a huge difference right at the beginning when we didn't know if we'd get anywhere!

    We also wish to Thank all the donors who remain completely Anonymous to us. Many of you have been exceedingly generous, yet leaving no name, no contact details, no way for us to show our gratitude or love in return…Except of course to make this film! We owe this to all our supporters and this we will do, Thank You.

    What now? We'll now be working out all the necessary elements to get on the road and do the essential next stage of filming with our elders, the key figures with great mana who wish to share their gifts for this film.

    There’s a lot more work to do for the project over all and it will take a long time to complete. All of the research, planning, filming, editing, music composition and post production will take until mid - late 2018 for the films release. Yes its a long time, yet all good things take time hey.

    However we will release excerpts of the film as we go, we have to! We love to hear your responses, get feedback and share the magic as we continue the journey. Watch this space!

    Kia ora to you all, Thank You so much team ‘Soul Places’, You Rock!


    Much Love, Mark and Christine ❤️❤️❤️ Xxx

    P.S. You can also follow the journey on our website here:

    and our Facebook Page here:

    Here's a little celebration clip from us! :)


  • Lets Go Further!


    Sending a heartfelt Thanks to You ❤️

    You helped us reach our target which is so amazing! Thanks so much to all of you who've donated so far! You guys are incredible.

    We kept this target minimal so we could achieve it and now we’ve done that.

    Anyone who's seen our campaign video knows the total budget for this film is $385,000 NZD

    The $20,000 we’ve raised so far covers acquisition of vital camera and sound equipment, a certain amount of travel, meals and accommodation.

    Yet we still have a couple of days in hand and we'd really love to go beyond this.

    Additional funds raised enable us to film more people, access more equipment to increase production values and ultimately capture more high quality material for the film.

    Would you like to share this campaign to people who may be interested in the film? 

    Our campaign ends this Friday November 11th at midnight New Zealand Time!

    Thank You so much for your support!

    Peace, Love and Light,

    Mark and Christine ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Xx

  • Wowww!!! 100% Thank You!!!


    Oh Wow!!! Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU!!! We woke up this morning to find those magical numbers 100% from 126 amazing donors!!!

    We couldn't have made the target without all of your support! We are eternally grateful for all of your donations, your shares and shout outs! Thank YOU!!

    I'm wearing my Purple Party Shirt today and we're jumping for joy with you all! Yayyy!!! 

    If you know anyone else who might be interested and like to jump onboard they have until Friday at midnight New Zealand Time, it all really helps!

    Here's the link:

    All extra funds help us to film more magic, record more wisdom and get closer to completing the film! 

    Thanks again to you all! Have a great day everyone!

    Lotsa Love Arohanui 

    Mark and Christine ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Xxx

    Wowww!!! 100% Thank You!!!
  • Thank You!


    Kia Ora Everyone, 

    Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far, this is really amazing! You guys are incredibly generous and we are so grateful!

    We're currently at 84% of our target with $16,815 raised of $20,000 from 84 donors with 9 days to go! It looks like we're definitely going to get there, and we need all the love to be sure we reach the target! ;) 

    One day extra:  The Boosted website went down temporarily this morning due to an unusual human error. We've been reassured the site is 100% solid and it won't ever happen again, phew! As a result of donors not being able to access the site this morning Boosted want to apologise and have extended our campaign by one day to finish on Friday November 11th now (at Midnight NZT), instead of the 10th. Thanks Boosted!

    Media Magic! The Manawatu Evening Standard where Mark used to be a Photographer in the late 80s have written a beautiful article about the project! You can see the article here:

    If you're up for sharing the article link or the campaign link via your social media networks, that would be so super helpful!

    Thanks so much team! We're going to be able to make this film with your support and we are so eternally grateful, Thank You! Have a beautiful day!  ❤️  

    Arohanui / Loads of Love 

    Mark and Christine Xx


    Thank You!
  • Almost 75%!


    Hi Beautiful People, 

    Sending out a Huge Thank You! to all of you who have donated so far, your generosity is humbling and we are forever grateful! Thank You! 

    We are currently sitting just under 75% with $14,655 of $20,000 from 70 donors and just 10 days to go!

    Boosted is an all or nothing platform, so we absolutely must reach $20,000 or more to receive any funds at all!

    So if you haven't yet donated and would like to join us, every donation is helpful.

    Some people have made large donations, some have made small ones, each and every one of them is appreciated, and they all show we have a large audience.

    Also if you can think of any friends, family or colleagues who may appreciate this film, all sharing of the project is hugely helpful also.

    Thanks and Love, 

    Mark and Christine Xx

    P.S. The other day I was working on the project in our motorhome 'Aroha' when someone knocked on the window to show me this beautiful Rainbow coming out of the Auckland Harbour Bridge! Its a 'Rainbow Bridge'!

    Rose Pere says "Papatuanuku / the Maori name for Earth Mother...means the 'Standing place of the Rainbow Bridge', and we her progeny are her Rainbow Warriors!"

    So I thought thats a great sign we're on the right track :)   

    Almost 75%!