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Song Sisters

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There are women artists who act as producers on their own albums, but very few women produce recordings for other artists.

In popular music no woman has ever won a Grammy for Best Producer. Out of only a handful of women who have been nominated, only one woman was not an artist who was producing her own album. Song Sisters was conceived as a way to encourage women to take on the role of Record Producer.

Hello everyone. I'm singer-songwriter Donna Dean. I am an award winning songwriter and recording artist, lucky to have so many good friends and fans. My songs have won awards here in New Zealand, and have been recorded by Grammy winning artists. I am the subject of award winning documentary film 'The Sound of Her Guitar', and I've been written about in leading music publications like 'Elsewhere' and 'No Depression'. I am about to begin work on my eighth album, Song Sisters.

Song Sisters aims to shine a spotlight on women producers. It will give a voice to women as the creative decision makers in music, and as creative leaders in other creative fields as well. It will be a signpost for others to follow, an example for up and coming producers, both men and women.

Song Sisters will feature a group of hand picked women producers in both New Zealand and America. Each of these ladies is highly regarded in the music industry, and is a brilliant, talented artist in her own right. They include Grammy winners and finalists, as well as Tui and APRA winners. This isn't a "women only" project. There are many men involved as well. But all the producers will be women.

Each of these women will work with me to produce one or two of my songs. Each one will draw upon her own distinctive style, making for a unique and colorful mix. We will reveal who the producers are, once recording begins. The songs will be recorded all over New Zealand and America.

I am reaching out to my community-to my mates, and to you who might be new to my music. I sincerely want you to be a part of this vision. This is about creating a place where men and women work together to create the music and art that we love. I'm asking you to join us, to give what you can, to be a part of Song Sisters. Any amount you can donate, no matter how small, is very much appreciated.

Thank you for this. Peace to you.

xoxo -Donna

Have a look at the short trailer to "The Sound of Her Guitar", a film by Bill Morris:


Here is Donna and her band, sitting in with The Excellent Tradesmen, jamming on her song "What am I Gonna Do?"


  • Thanks so much for your support. We still need more partners to make this happen!


  • Donna Says Hello


    Donna says hello, and thanks to everyone who has helped with the campaign so far. We hope you'll want to be a part of this project.