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SOMNIUM for Lōemis Festival 2017

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SOMNIUM is a beast who feeds on our dreams. Leda Farrow is a visual artist and Pirate & Queen are a creative production house. Together they are bringing SOMNIUM into the world as part of a Solstice festival called Lōemis.

Leda is building SOMNIUM for display in a free exhibition in the Wellington Museum from mid-May to mid-June. As a visitor you will encounter a large-scale creature with benign and malevolent qualities. You will be invited to contemplate the four Lōemis 'humours' or personalities, that surround SOMNIUM, and decide which one you are at that moment. You will then be invited to sit at the accompanying writing desk (each desk designed to suit each personality) to write down your darkest fears, your secret aspirations, and feed them into SOMNIUM's ravenous belly.

Leda will be leading two mask-making workshops while SOMNIUM is at the Museum. Everyone is welcome to join in to create a mask that you can use in the final RITUAL, when we take SOMNIUM from the Museum and to the Wellington lagoon on the waterfront where he will be set alight...

RITUAL happens on 21 June (the Solstice). It is a parade with music and costume marking the end of SOMNIUM's lifetime. At 5.30pm on 21 June SOMNIUM is uplifted from the Museum and paraded down the waterfront to the final resting place where fire will transform him, and his belly full of dreams. A ritual burning on the Wellington lagoon signals the end of the Lōemis Festival and the liberation of the hundreds of confessions that SOMNIUM devoured from us all.

SOMNIUM is created by Leda and helpers as it is a large undertaking. The exhibition and RITUAL is designed by Pirate & Queen (directors of Lōemis festival). Your contributions go to materials, Leda's talent and time, and musicians for RITUAL. By supporting SOMNIUM you're helping keep this essential part of Lōemis free for all. 




    It's alive!


    Thank you all so much for helping us get to our target. The SOMNIUM beast is alive and well now at Wellington Museum where you can go visit and divulge your deepest, darkest thoughts... 

    We look forward to parading with you on 21 June when we take SOMNIUM and its bellly full of our thoughts down to the waterfront... 

    You are all marvellous and we heartily appreciate your support!

    With best Solstice wishes,

    Team Lōemis



    It's alive!!!


    Thank you all so much for helping us reach our target - we are tremdously grateful for your support.


    You can now visit SOMNIUM in Wellington Museum and divulge to the beast your innermost thoughts.... 


    And we look forward to parading with you on 21 June when SOMNIUM is taken down the Waterfront!


    All the best Solstice wishes,

    Team Lōemis

  • Getting there!


    We are getting closer and closer thanks to some incredibly generous individuals!

    We are installing SOMNIUM as we write... looking forward to the big reveal to all of you on 17 May, 5.30pm for a 6pm start at the Flux Space in the Museum!

    If you want to tweet or Facebook post or just talk about our project and this campaign --- we thank you!

    With heaps of thanks,

    The Lōemis team.

  • Four Days to Go!


    SOMNIUM is almost complete! We are working hard to finish the beast off ahead of the public opening on 19 May, Flux space in Wellington Musuem.

    Thank you all so much for donating - every little bit helps get us to the 100 percent! Now's the time to share and help us boost for the final stretch.

    You are all warmly invited to the preview event for SOMNIUM:
    Wednesday 17 May, Flux space, Wellington Museum, 5.30pm for a 6pm start
    Be among the first to feed your dreams into the beast's belly!

    Thanks everyone!

    Team Lōemis