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Gabby O'Connor is an installation artist living in Wellington NZ.

She really likes icebergs and the stories and science of exploring Antarctica. Her projects all take a lot of time.


Her next project is called some time.

For this work she will be making the edge of the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, utilising only tissue paper, staples, light and space.

some time will be exhibited at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson Auckland opening on May 16, 2013

This work will be made from thousands of sheets of tissue paper hand dyed and cut into geometric shapes. These will then be constructed to create a site-specific installation that responds to the architecture of the gallery. In essence she will be making certain architectural features disappear and the audience will be faced with a looming, multifaceted paper ice shelf. The work itself will cover an area of approximately 40sq m but when dismantled, will fit into a suitcase.

O'Connor has self funded the first few stages of the project and needs a boost to get to the finish line.

Gabby is looking for support with exhibition presentation costs: including getting the work and herself to Auckland for the 7 day installation period and to cover accommodation near the gallery for herself and baby who will be 1 year old at the time.

Gabby O'Connor's most recent exhibition series was titledwhat lies beneath. Those works depicted the seldom seen submerged part of an iceberg. Specifically, the icebergs that will eventually calve off the Ross Ice Shelf containing the bodies of Robert Falcon Scott and his crew "sometime" in the future. They were the largest works that she'd created being 14m long and 4m high in parts.what lies beneathwas shown at the City Gallery in Wellington, House of Waiwera, Auckland and the North Wall in Oxford, UK.

This new work continues to reflect on Scott and his crew's story.


Gabby O'Connor - Website

Gabby O'Connor - Blog


  • Cleave project


    Hello Boosters, just thought you'd like to know that the some time installation has been reincarnated in Wellington at 86 Victoria Street [cnr Mercer/op Library and Lido Cafe] For the past week I have been working with the kids from Miramar Central School who have been reconfiguring all the components of some time and I have spent the last 6 days connecting and installing these elements to transform the vacant shop site. It launches at 4pm on Friday 5th July and will be viewable 24/7 until the 13th July. Try and see it at night if you can. The image below is where it is up to. Almost there - and thanks again for everything.

    x Gabby

    Cleave project
  • Final week of some time


    Hello Boosters.

    Sorry to have neglected you, it has been a fast and furious few weeks. This is the final week for the installation at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, so if you are in Auckland, please go and visit! I am really pleased with how it turned out and would like to thank you all for the part you have played in making it all happen. It was great to be able to stay really close to the gallery during the install week and really focus on the art and not the commute!

    ANyhow, for those in Wellington, there is another exciting incarnation of the some time project happening in or near Miramar so keep an eye out - the Project is called Cleave and I will be recycling all of the components from some time to make a new work at a new mystery site with a whole new bunch of primary school art assistants! This all starts from the week of the 24th June and should be up during the first week of July but that will be all.

    So for now, here are some images from the show and thanks again for being a part of this wonderful project. You are all amazing, generous and incredible.


    Final week of some time
  • Almost there


    Hello Boosters,

    Just wanted to let you know that everything is falling into place. [and it is thanks to you all!] All the elements of the installation are being packed into a suitcase to fly to AKL on Friday. From then I will spend a fast and furious weekend with some amazing volunteers getting the bulk of the ice shelf connected and partially installed in a studio space at Corban Estate Arts Centre. Then from Tuesday, I will be madly installing the large panels on site. I can't wait. For those of you in AKL, please come to the opening on Thursday 16th May from 6pm. Please say hi. For those of you unable to see the work in person, please keep an eye on the blog as I will continue to post regularly and I am planning on making another time lapse of the install!


    Time to make dinner and think about packing

    Thanks again,


    Almost there
  • Incredible!


    I really can't believe it. This is all so amazing. 150%!! Now, as well as being able to pay for accomodation and flights to Auckland, I will now be able to get the work properly documented, cover freight and packaging costs, some child care, transportation and upgrade my website.

    This unexpected level of support removes many of the usual stresses that occur when trying to make art happen - namely the financial ones.

    So thank you all for this boost. This boost for my art, my confidence and to future works.



    ps Today's picture is of freshly cut paper shapes. All of the prepared paper has been cut down into piles. It might be a good idea to make some more!



  • Wow wow wow and thank you


    I really can't believe it but it has happened. My ask has been surpassed and the project is going to be a reality. I have been fizzing and freaking out [happily] and getting overwhelmed by the generosity of YOU all- my amazing art cheer squad. You guys rock. I so hope you will all continue to follow the project on my blog and if you are in Auckland between May 16-June 16 that you come and see the real live work at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson. It will be worth the trip out west I promise!

    Anyhow, back to work in the studio. I am all masked up about to lacquer up some more paper.  I am afraid of not having enough and so want to be prepared for anything...

    Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks again.



    Wow wow wow and thank you
  • Artist talk/making session


    Hello all you wonderful patrons of the arts. Thanks again for your support and then some. Pretty much half way there which is rather fantastic. I am stoked and buzzing and truly excited! I have a few things coming up in the next few weeks that I'll drip feed you with...but firstly: Next week I will be holding a free lunch time artist talk/chat and making session whereby I'll have a whole heap of the lovely pre cut blue paper and staplers that you can have a go of joining together to make a bergy bit and to hear a bit more about it all. Come and join in the fun! WED April 10 at 12pm 19 Tory Street Wellington. x

    Artist talk/making session
  • Wow and more wow!


    As the piles of blue paper increase in my garage studio, so does the support. Have to say I had moist eyeballs yesterday as I saw the percentage increase dramatically throughout the day. It is like even though I work in a solitary manner, I have this whole team of supporters cheering me on and it feels amazing. Thanks everyone. x

    Wow and more wow!
  • Woohoo!


    Thanks so much to the lovely and amazing supporters of the arts. Your contributions really mean a lot to me. To see the project in action and see more of my process, check out the blog: Or my website to see past work. You'll see it isn't all blue...just mostly!

Gabby O'Connor

Gabby O'Connor has exhibited in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Australia and the UK and has had artist residencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Hiroshima and Wellington where she has been based for the past 12 years.

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