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Some Time

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Gabby O'Connor is an installation artist living in Wellington NZ.

She really likes icebergs and the stories and science of exploring Antarctica. Her projects all take a lot of time.


Her next project is called some time.

For this work she will be making the edge of the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, utilising only tissue paper, staples, light and space.

some time will be exhibited at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson Auckland opening on May 16, 2013

This work will be made from thousands of sheets of tissue paper hand dyed and cut into geometric shapes. These will then be constructed to create a site-specific installation that responds to the architecture of the gallery. In essence she will be making certain architectural features disappear and the audience will be faced with a looming, multifaceted paper ice shelf. The work itself will cover an area of approximately 40sq m but when dismantled, will fit into a suitcase.

O'Connor has self funded the first few stages of the project and needs a boost to get to the finish line.

Gabby is looking for support with exhibition presentation costs: including getting the work and herself to Auckland for the 7 day installation period and to cover accommodation near the gallery for herself and baby who will be 1 year old at the time.

Gabby O'Connor's most recent exhibition series was titledwhat lies beneath. Those works depicted the seldom seen submerged part of an iceberg. Specifically, the icebergs that will eventually calve off the Ross Ice Shelf containing the bodies of Robert Falcon Scott and his crew "sometime" in the future. They were the largest works that she'd created being 14m long and 4m high in parts.what lies beneathwas shown at the City Gallery in Wellington, House of Waiwera, Auckland and the North Wall in Oxford, UK.

This new work continues to reflect on Scott and his crew's story.


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Gabby O'Connor

Gabby O'Connor has exhibited in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Australia and the UK and has had artist residencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Hiroshima and Wellington where she has been based for the past 12 years.

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