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In 2015 Everybody Cool Lives Here swept the NZ Fringe Festival with their show 'Wake Up Tomorrow', created and performed by young people with learning disabilities. Last August we presented a five-hander, 'No Post on Sunday' at Circa Theatre. Our next step in supporting our artists trajectories is for them to develop solos that are lightweight enough to tour.

Duncan Armstrong has his dreams set on taking his show 'Force Field' to the Edinburgh Fringe. He'll first present his development in Auckland at Basement Theatre during the Fringe from the 20th February.

Jacob Dombroski tested his work 'Big J Stylez' in this years PÅ«tahi Festival. Over summer he'll extend the work before presenting at Wellington's newest venue Te Auaha during the NZ Fringe Festival from the 6th March.

Everybody Cool Lives Here has secured pitch slots for both of these artists at PANNZ - NZ's Performing Arts Markets in March, this will ensure there's a life for these works beyond their development seasons.

Funds will cover presentation costs, as well as helping to secure the amazing creative teams who will support these seasons of Force Field and Big J Stylez.

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