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Soft Tissue is a dark, comedic journey born out of and under the weight of expectation. A physical theatre piece inspired by the 'constructed realities' of female behaviour, premiering at The Basement Theatre 26 -30 September 2017.

This break-out solo show sets current issues such as feminism, New Zealand's cultural identity and gender roles against an international landscape.

Since first developing this work in Tehran, Iran (2016), Ella Gilbert and team bring you a refined excavation of the public and private worlds of women and how they inhabit these. Being under a microscope, being watched closely and justifying self and coulture.

It is all a bit dirty and strange. And beautiful...

Soft Tissue is a deeply hopeful recognition of the self through a one-hour ride of hilarious, confronting and comedic physical genius.

This Boosted campaign aims to raise money to cover the unavoidable costs of the show, allowing for the proceeds of the ticket sales to go directly to supporting the artists and the team involved. Show costs include printing for marketing, photography, set and costume, rehearsal space and technician's fee.

"Kia Ora whanau, friends and feminists! - we are reaching out for your support so all the people below can enjoy some of the fruits of their labours. Many of you understand the huuge amount of energy, time and resource that go into creating something you love, and this show is gonna be a real treasure - so we want to share it fully! To do this we need some help, and sometimes it is ok to ask for a hand from your community. Unwavering appreciation and admiration (in advance)" Ella

Our team:

Ella Gilbert - Creator and Performer
Anuwela Howarth - Designer
Jade Eriksen - Director
Jo Randerson - Barbarian Productions (mentor)
Samuel Austin - Graphic Design and Photography
John Burrows & Lauren Andrews - Producers

"She is at the forefront of the next generation of stimulating kiwi practitioners." Dr. Chris Jannides, head tutor Toi Whakaari

"Like a mirror. You were like a mirror to us." Sara, Iranian visual artist

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