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For me, art is about creating for the love of creating.

For me, graffiti is as much about a sub-culture with a need and desire to be creative - to be seen, as it is about vandalism.

The popular movement of street art has not developed from a political need, but rather, it is driven by the youth's right to self-expression. Artists want to paint walls, which is where graffiti takes its name from - "graffito", the latin word for a painting on a cave wall.

It's my desire to bring this primitive human spirit into galleries, to put public art into a public art space, not only because youth have something to say, but also because people are tired of looking at a bland urban landscape - they want to see life, and colour.

For this exhibition I will bring my own canvas works into the community gallery space 'Te Karanga' - a space available for any member of the public who has a desire to share their art with the people.

Because I am organizing everything myself , I need financial help to pay for the costs around the exhibition, and to pay for my own time to dedicate entirely to this exhibit. I have been impressed with what Boosted is all about and believe this bring elements of support that the artist needs away from the gallery system.


  • great opening


    Opening night , went well , I had mango lassi for everyone  , and the exhibition was blessed by Pita Turei .He was an amazing pressence and welcomed my art to the world and to the context of showing art in Auckland . It is matariki soon and my art is all about new beginnings , art was the winner at the end of the night , arohanui

  • everything is ready to go


    Ive just spent the day hanging my paintings , and everything is ready for tommorow .Thank you to everyone for all the help and support , come along tommorow and meet my family and friends .KIA ORA

  • last day


    Hello everyone that has been involved. This is the last day , and probably a good indication of how rushed this project has been that only today , am I in the Sunday News (page 7) to tell people about the project and boosted .Although they do not have the direction to the booted website , and the details are a bit off . I have tried , and I am very gratefull for what I have achieved , with all your help . After all that I have seen , my life is richer , and my knowledge is slightly wiser .I can,t ask for much more than that .thank you all .

  • one more day


    I,m close to the end of the project , tommorow I will have one more try to promote the prject to the public with the article in the Sunday Star Times . My paintings look great , ive socialised with the arts elite , now i must prepare myself for the exhibition . Thanks again to the people who choose to support me , I have needed the help and you all were there for me ,thank you .

  • tommorow is a big day for me


    Everyday is a big day for me at the moment , and tommorow is no exception , I am being interviewed ,and i haven,t had that for a while .Things are ticking along nicely .The interview is for sunday star times , and i hope this will let me put my message out to more people , wish me luck ...

  • off the grid


    Hello everyone who has been following my progress , i have been away from a computer for a couple of days ,while i spend some time with a friend of mine who helped me to make the frames for some of my artworks .I had lots of recycled rimu and thats what I used .A huge thanks is in order to Ben Guiness and the good folks at the Leigh Sawmill .

    My paintings look great in their frames and I am starting to get excited ...All the support is very much appreciated , both financially and morally , thanks.

  • long weekend


    I,ve been working on the finishing touches for my works , and doing my best to keep the ship steady as the time for the exhibition rapidly approaches .Its not easy preparing for an exhibition and I can see the benifit in having an agent deal with all the other aspects of an artists life , so the artist can focus only on their art . But thats another lifetime for me , and here I am, loving the challenge , thanks for all the support , here goes , one week to go ...

  • gratitude


    I am so gratefull for everyone that has donated so far , This amount ensures that the rent for the gallery is paid .That is huge for me at this moment , as it is one less thing to think about . I am gratefull to everyone who has helped me with this project , my aim is to show my work to the audience that wants to see it , and that is happening already , i am very gratefull right now .Thank you all .

  • making progress


    I am making good progress , my desire is to show not only my art to the world , but to show that there is an alternate way to fund an exhibition by yourself .When in the past an exhibition cost the artist more money than they could make , given the time put into the work and the cost of putting the show on .The exhibition was the relm for the wealthy , and showed affluence . Im trying to show that by putting my project out on boosted , and asking for help , that this will be affordable , and perhaps if I sell some art , I can then conitnue to paint more paintings and continue to inspire others to do the same . The media has started to listen to what I am saying , i think I may be making progress .

  • keep on trukn


    Its alot easier to let a dealer do the promotion work and organise an exhibition , I know this , and I like many of the people who do this for a job .For myself , I want to inspire others to put their work out to an audience , and for the audience to know the work is there to be seen .I,d like to see art as a higher priority in our media .Its happening , and thats a good thing . For me , I just keep trucking on ...

  • sunday on the radio


    I spend most of my sunday preparing for my radio show on Kfm (106.9fm) 10pm-12pm .Music is very important to my artwork , I often take great joy in the belief that if a song was a work of art , it would look like one of my paintings .

  • in the studio


    I,ve been in the studio all day painting , two weeks to go and i,m almost done .

  • whakatau


    Today I organised for Pita Turei to do a whakatau at 6pm for my exhibition .I set up an event for the exhibition which is bringing more attention , and spent some great time with my old friend Robin Della Varis .Im up to 16% and climbing , as the exhibition approaches I realise the neccesseity of fundraising as my costs climb , kia ora to all donators ...

  • upwards


    Today I made contact with krd buisness association and I am starting to get the project out to an audience  . I,m finding getting it out is not as easy as I thought , but I am enjoying the possitive feedback from people who see my works .

  • onwards


    My paintings are looking great , i recieved a dvd of  an arts project i had in 1996 on dvd today , and I will post that on you tube tommorow .I had an exhibition at artspace quay street where I was interviewd by Dylan Tate , brings back lots of memories . Ka Kete

  • its the start of a new week


    Its the start of week two of my three weeks on boosted , I did my radio show last night on night 10-12) ,and I spent yesterday preparing for that .I,ve got a bunch of designers visiting my studio later in the week and a little more work to continue on with my paintings .I,m still trying all means to contact print media .My mind is so old fashioned ...

  • today i picked up the flyers


    Today I picked up my flyers ,they look great(fridge decorations) .Very traditional , i,ve been sending out my images to people all over the world , and i,m getting very positive feedback .I,m having a weekend with family , great for keeping me grounded .

  • remembering why I love art so much


    Tonight I have been in my studio working on the works for the show , I love the small painting I am working on and I am excited to show my work together . I just looked at the computer and now I am 10% funded , great .I will sleep well tonight , tommorow is a new day .

    p.s thanks Bryna

  • And it all starts from here


    Welcome to my project 'So why haven,t you heard my name' .This is a project about putting art into the community .Primarily my own art , but hopefully also to inspire others to get out there and give it a go .I,m contacting as many media outlets as I can , so if anyone can give me help with contacts , that would be much appreciated  . I will keep an update everyday for all those that are interested . Right now I,m sending out e-mails to let my close friends know this is up and running , my flyers are being printed , and I will pick them up on friday  . I,ve also got a small amount of work to do on my paintings , that is how fresh they will be , come the time of my exhibition ... SO right now , i have one donor and I,m at 3% , lets see were i,m at tommorow night ...

Andy Turner

Andy has been exhibiting in Auckland since 1989, for the majority of this period choosing to use cafes, nightclubs and the streets to give his art an audience.

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